Day time break in - Kirkdale area

Hi all,

We were broken into yesterday during the day. The guy smashed the bottom panel of our uPVC back door and then managed to get the keys and unlock the door.

Unfortunately I can’t add the video directly but the public dropbox link is here. If anyone recognises him please let me know and I can inform the police who are dealing with the case.



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Well it’s really good clear footage. Have the police been able to help?

They’ve taken all the details and have a copy of the footage which they said they will distribute to the relevant places to hopefully identify the person.

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Fingers crossed for you.

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Does the video only work on certain devices? I can’t get it to work on my PC or my iPhone, and can’t see a Dropbox link.

Not working for me on iPhone either.

@ech20 - if you put it on YouTube or Vimeo and then paste the link here, it will expand into a nice embedded, playable video

right click, copy video address and paste that in a new window - might not be the best way but it should work for you

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He can be seen very clearly & brazenly helping himself. I really hope the Police catch up with him soon.

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