Day-time tea/coffee break?


Wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a weekly meet-up/social (during the day) in a nearby café?

I was thinking that it might be nice for people who are at home most days to have an opportunity to socialise and meet local people in a safe space.

Working from home every day, I very rarely get to chat with anybody and I wondered if other local people in the same situation might like to organise some kind of weekly “tea break”.

If you’re interested please comment below :slight_smile:


Sounds good.

Agree, sounds like a great idea. I also work from home a lot and the opportunity to switch off and chat for a while sounds like a great wellbeing initiative. Though, I need to be assured that the chosen venue is Guide Dog friendly. I know the law is on my side, however, it’s incredible how some people can choose to ignore this.

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Yes, we can definitely ensure that the place is Guide Dog friendly!

I was thinking about suggesting “two spoons” near Honor Oak Park station (I went there recently and a couple of people had their (pet) dogs with them so surely must be Guide Dog friendly too - but we can certainly check with them explicitly). But this was only an idea - I’m very open to other suggestions :slight_smile: Let me know what you think!

Sounds good!

Shall we try to meet next week then?

Which day would be good for everyone?

Is everybody OK with going to “Two Spoons” (right next to Honor Oak Park station)?