Dead fox on Honor Oak Road

Who to report it to so that it can be removed? I’m guessing Lewisham Council but if their website is anything like where I live, you can only report things if you are a resident.

The corpse is on the downhill side, certainly past Tyson road and I think past Benson Road. Could someone report it please?

I’d use the FixMyStreet App for this. They submit the report to the Council and I’ve always found them to be very responsive.


Fix My Street is great. Lewisham’s own website suggest using Love Lewisham which is similar to FixMyStreet. They both seem to do a similar thing but from what I can make out, the reports end up in the same place in the council anyway. So don’t think it makes a difference which one you use.


Well done Lewisham Council. By the time I drove to work this afternoon, the corpse had gone. Sadly it would have taken a lot longer where I live.