Deaf congregation knocking on doors

Hello! Ten minutes ago a white man and a black lady (and I think there was another man steps behind them) knocked my door in Dartmouth road saying they were from a “deaf congregation” down the road and they simply asked me if I knew of any neighbours that were deaf. I found it very weird and I googled it and couldn’t find anything, which I found suspicious. Anyone has seen them? Any ideas of what this is about?

Oh I had them round last year asking if I knew anyone deaf locally. I wasn’t really clear who they were.

I just called the Police. They recommended to always ask for their ID and the name of the charity/congregation and double check with them (if they actually exist).

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Does anyone know anything more about this? My husband was just approached by someone who asked if we have any deaf neighbours. Not that we know of - but as a hidden disability we wouldn’t necessarily know.

But is this a genuine reaching out or a scam? I don’t know if they had a genuine ID. If they come again we’ll ask them to leave a card or their contact details, should we think of someone who might be interested in their services.

@robin.orton do you know of a local church doing this?

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No, I haven’t heard anything about this. It does sound rather odd.

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