Deceased white/ginger cat near Honor Oak Station [Owner identified]

Sorry to bring sad news but I’m afraid I’ve just seen the body of a cat on the verge oppposite the station. It looks as if it has a creamy white tummy with ginger markings.

Shared on facebook I am not far from there does it look like RTA

Thanks for doing that. It’s horrible when a pet dies but not knowing what has happened to them must be so much worse.

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Does anyone know of it was picked up and taken to be scanned at the vet?

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Thank you for sharing that. That’s our cat, Franz. She didn’t come in last night and we have been looking for her. Devastated, but thank you for being community-minded enough to post this.

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would it be possible to let me know where it was - was it on the road by the station or on the grass verge by the tracks? I’ll try and see if she is still there so we can identify and bury her. Sorry to be macabre, but was she run over, do you think? Sam X

So very sorry about Franz. She was on the verge directly across from the station - to the left of the zebra crossing. The road was quiet so we crossed early and that’s when I saw her. I think from where she was it’s almost certain it was a car. Bx

Ok thank you x

Found owner where waa this cat taken she wants her cat back naturally

Continues: Did you pick up dead cat?