Deforesting and Developing Camberwell New Cemetery / One Tree Hill



He needs to be reminded of his pledge to plant 2M trees. He’s not planted a single one so far, AFAIK, and has not done anything to protect our Honor Oak trees.


To be fair, he’s been Mayor since May. You plant trees in late autumn, early winter. Plus I think you’d need at least a year’s led time to identify sites and appropriate species, and to appoint contractors.


Agreed, the lack of any new trees to point to is not significant at this stage so long as there is a plan to plant them. More relevant to this thread is the observation that planting a new tree does not offset the loss of a mature one, whether with regards to air quality, ecosystem, social value or economic cost. We are set to lose loads with only relatively few planted.


An article about yesterday’s protest


There is a further consultation period for the revised proposals. There is a drop in event tomorrow (19th Oct) about this at the Brenchley Gardens Community Hall, (145a Brenchley Gardens, SE23 3RF) and this consultation period only runs until 31st October anyway:

I understand that Southwark Council are reviewing their burial strategy in the new year. Oddly, this has no bearing on this particular area as they will make a decision on this before that review starts. Also, am not sure whether this impacts on any more of the planned imminent tree removal, e.g. on One Tree Hill - the council are not really clear on any of this.


Went earlier to this consultation. Once again, no councillors were present, so no opportunity to actually get any answers really. In response to ‘why are they proceeding with this plan for area B before the burial strategy review in the new year has even started?’, the poor council employee could only reply with: they have to get on with the old strategy before any new strategy is decided.

There was representative present from the Camberwell Cemeteries Working Group. She was blissfully unaware that there was anything other than hard-standing to preserve in area B. Have to say, that from the council presentation you could be easily hoodwinked into thinking this but if she thought that, then am sure others who do not attend meetings with the council about this might get the same impression.


Deadline is 31st October to respond to this. Even though 76% of residents surveyed objected to any burial in this area, Southwark council are still only pushing burial options:


It gets worse.

Southwark Council now plan to completely ignore the consultation, and choose Option 2 - the bleakest, most sterile use of the land - in order to satisfy the wishes of funeral companies.

They’re applying for planning permission.

Responding to HopCroft Forum - Protecting One Tree Hill from development
Elsewhere in Lewisham - Millwall Compulsory Purchase Order
Diocese of Southwark Approves Deforestation of One Tree Hill for Graves

And, sadly, planning permission is a tick box exercise. They are appellant and planning authority!


Tuesday, December 20th at 7pm will be the last meeting of 2016 of Friends of Camberwell Cemeteries and the Save Southwark Woods Campaign. Meet a the Herne Tavern, 2 Forest Hill Road SE22 0RR.

This is your green space. Fight for it.


anybody thought of building some flats for local people. not privately owned for profit. council owned for youg adults who can’t afford to live in HOP at the moment.


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Just in: old nursery area consultation has started:

Yet more burial and the most sterile type of it. 47 documents to wade through and consultation only until 5th April 2017.


They were never going to make it easy.


Well true but they are not making it easy on themselves either. One of the documents is the consultation report from last year. The executive summary still makes good reading:

The majority of respondents oppose the use of Area B for burial and instead would prefer the site to be developed into a green open space for community use. As a result, few respondents commented on specific elements of the layout.

Many respondents used this consultation as an opportunity to comment of the overarching Cemetery Strategy.
Many respondents are concerned about the sustainability of inner city burial and the possibility of the council extending Camberwell New Cemetery into other local green spaces. Some are also concerned about the Cemetery Strategy’s recommendation for re-use, either because of religious reasons or out of respect for the dead.

There is some support for new footpaths as well as upgrades to existing footpaths and the car park. Some respondents would like a new footpath in Area B to link up to Honor Oak Park to provide an additional pedestrian access route through the area.

A small number of respondents suggested that burial could be provided in Area B in ways which would allow Area B to develop into a natural green space that could also be used by the community. Smaller unobtrusive monuments and a more relaxed approach to managing grasses and plants in this area could be employed to create a meadow burial space. This option could be explored as a way to balance the needs of the borough with the views of local residents.

There is a strong desire for Area B to be developed into some form of green natural open space.

The council should engage a broader group of residents about its Cemetery Strategy and the implications of the strategy.

It would seem that only the access path part of this has been taken forward. The engagement part certainly hasn’t. The meadow option is also recommended by the bat survey report - but this isn’t the proposed option even though that would be some compromise at least.


Helpful Southwark Council just came back at us with hundreds of megabytes of PDFs.

Anyone got a spare weekend to read how they’re justifying chopping down one of London’s precious remaining woods?


Deadline is midnight 3rd April. Please everyone, object to yet more sterile burial spaces, we are already surrounded by them in Honor Oak.

The old Nursery area was promised for community use, then re-allocated for burial supposedly to protect the Rec but that is now also threatened, and we should remind Southwark council of this:


Hello friends,

URGENT But quick and easy: FINAL weekend to object to THREE MORE ACRES of Honor Oak inner city nature space being taken for burial plots. Deadline is midnight on Monday 3rd.

All info and link to planning register comment form:

Southwark is deliberately ignoring their own public consultation from July 2016, when 86% of 454 people said ‘dislike it all’ and called for no burial here, as Chris has posted above from the consultation report.

Please object now on Southwark’s planning register form before Monday midnight - it’s quick and easy and we need as many as possible to show how much we value our inner city nature space.

Thank you to everyone who has already objected - it is really appreciated.
Best wishes,

Area B nature space in the Honor Oak Nature Corridor:

Southwark to do this to it, just like the other acres they stole from the Rec Ground/playing fields:

Blanche Cameron
Chair, Friends of Camberwell Cemeteries
The Save Southwark Woods Campaign
07731 304 966
Facebook: Friends of Camberwell Cemeteries - Save Southwark Woods


Thanks for sharing, @BlancheCameron :thumbsup:

I have added my $0.02 and urge others to do the same. It takes only seconds yet can make all the difference. There are 140 comments and a quick spot check revealed a 100% objection rate amongst them.

However, given Southwark Council’s dreadful reputation for listening to the public we need even more comments. Let’s apply irrefutable pressure on them and prevent another scandal of the kind we’re currently seeing in the Glade area.