Deforesting and Developing Camberwell New Cemetery / One Tree Hill


2018 DEMO to save 12-acre the Old Cemetery Wood, doomed. Meet at Southwark Council Offices .Wednesday 11 July 6PM, 160 Tooley St, London SE1 2QH. Fight for inner city wild places and heritage.

Already, acres in Camberwell New Cemetery cleared. Honor Oak Nature Corridor flattened for temporary burial. Dozen of trees cut down on One Tree Hill for just 140 burial plots, if that many.

Acres of Camberwell Old Cemetery wood already cleared. 10 acres to save.
Is burial the best use of our inner city land?

Still fighting.


Works near Honor Oak Park are almost finished. They’ve tried to create a few spaces with a nature-like feel to it including a small pond, but the rest looks quite sterile for now of course.

There is a new gated entrance road which is currently also used for public access to the sports ground while the old entrance road is closed, presumably for it being refurbished.

What gives me some cause for concern is the really narrow footpath that will possibly remain the only access to the playground and football pitches once all works are finished. This is just about the width of one pushchair and a two metre high steel fence has already appeared to one side of it! I can’t see this working in practice if this is really going to be the only access, but I’ll wait until it’s finished.

Apologies, I realise that taking some photos may have been a good idea…

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I noticed also that there is a new path by the side of the Rec which leads up to the the Teletubby land area. Which is probably next for burial guessing by the paths leading there.


To Lewisham Residents: Camberwell New Cemetery and Camberwell Old Cemetery are in Southwark but it used by Lewisham residents. If you want some role in what happens to our greenspace, you must take some action. Call me and we can talk about what you can do to save our world. Photo just feet from Honor Oak station, taken March 2019.
Lewis 07886504221