Deliveroo Editions kitchen coming to Forest Hill

Continuing the discussion from Wagamama Coming To Forest Hill:

It looks like work has started at Units 3 & 4 of the ‘Dulwich Business Centre’, Malham Road. This follows a successful planning application (DC/21/120734) by Deliveroo to combine the units and create a commercial kitchen for use by ‘established’ commercial restaurants under the Deliveroo Editions concept. From the application docs:

So I guess the question is, which restaurant(s) might take up residence in this kitchen? And at two units perhaps there is space for a couple of kitchens?

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I’ve not heard great things about what it’s like working in these “dark kitchens”, there was an article a year or so ago about how many had popped up during the lockdown.

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My Wagamama from the dark kitchen on Malham Road was rubbish. Katsu chicken was tough and cold, despite being only 2 min drive from my flat.

I watched a video earlier about a “Deliveroo Food Market” in Singapore. It’s a semi-automated restaurant/takeaway. A few different retailers have their own little kitchens out back, but customers come in, order from screen and then get their order put through a hatch that they then pick up. I think something like that could work over here better than a soulless hidden away secret kitchen under some arches.

Will be interesting to see what ‘restaurant’ brands and cuisines open as part of this editions site, also how many kitchens they can fit in the space - I recon about 5/6 kitchens could be possible.

As these sites operate where there is a lack of sit in restaurants or no local sites for certain big brands this could give us in FH, HOP and Sydenham more options. Personally I’d love a good Mexican brand and not another gourmet burger kitchen.

On a side note, Malham road industrial site is becoming quite a hub for new business, particularly online companies. Wagamama, Getir and now Deliveroo plus a new brewery, it’s good to see people opening businesses in the back streets of Forest Hill.


More about Editions kitchens here:

Would be great if Chilango were to move in.

I think this is very sinister.


The amount of plastic from a Wagamama delivery has put me off ever ordering from them again.


Bit worried this is going to turn the roads Beadnell/Garthorne/Grierson into a moped motorway.

Already happening with Getir

Grim news. It will drive local takeaways out of business. BTW the Wagamama delivery I had was absolutely dreadful, nothing like the quality in their restaurants


Only if you stop ordering from the local takeaways!


Yes, good point. I’ve certainly learnt my lesson about using Deliveroo.

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Seems as though Deliveroo has opened their Edition kitchens in Forest Hill.

So far we now have the following in addition to Wagamamas own kitchen:

  • Five Guys
  • Chilango (your wishes have come true ForestHull!)
  • The Athenian Gyros (x1 meat kitchen and x1 plant based kitchen)

Wonder if anymore brands are due to come later this month or in the new year.


Great! Where do you find out what else is there?

I had an email saying new restaurants had come to the area earlier today, so was curious. When I went on the site I saw there is a new ‘Deliveroo Editions’ filter and ‘Only on Deliveroo’ which brings up the new restaurants.

I’ve noticed that all these new restaurants have ‘Units 3 & 4 Dulwich Business Centre, Dulwich, London, SE231AG’ as the address (on a different note, odd how the Malham Business Centre has turned into the Dulwich Business centre).


We ordered from Chilango’s on Deliveroo yesterday - having been a frequent customer of theirs when I was still working in the office in Farringdon I was beyond excited. Like stupidly excited!
We ordered two burritos, one guac&chips and one salsa&chips. As you can see from the photo we had the smallest portion of chips delivered, I wouldn’t even say that amounted to one portion. The burritos were cold, dry edges and mostly filled with rice. It was all in all a very disappointing experience.


That’s sad to hear. I looked at it with great excitement, but it seemed like there was a hefty markup which put me off - a steak burrito with guacamole was £15 (inc £1 delivery charge) via the Deliveroo. The same ordered to collect from a branch was £10.

I get it’s being delivered to the door, but a 50% markup per burrito kinda kills it for me.

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I would never use Deliveroo again. Too many cold and busted up pizzas in the past. No more. If I want take away food I go and get it myself from a proper restaurant, or better still I go and eat there. These dark kitchens are the devils work.


oh that’s such a shame! i’ve ordered the hotbox a few times and the portions have been huge! once so big it was enough for two meals. and no issues with the tortilla chips either. i’ve been wary of ordering a burrito due to the sogginess issue so will continue to avoid. would recommend a hotbox if you feel up to giving them another chance!