Deliveroo has arrived!

Finally, we can get Deliveroo deliveries in SE23. So far only Barbur and the Perryvale. Planning to order from the latter tomorrow night.


I think depending on where you are, you can also get one of the pizzas from The Chandos as well.

We can get all the East Dulwich ones here the other side of the railway in HOP. Flying pig burgers mmM

Pfft. I’m on the Perry Vale side of Forest Hill, almost Sydenham. We can get NOTHING from East Dulwich.

I’m hoping the Perry Vale sink hole doesn’t swallow up the eponymous bistro before I order my dinner tomorrow.

The Chandos has just appeared on my Deliveroo page. It didn’t show up earlier as it doesn’t offer pre-order. I guess the restaurants only appear on the page when they are able to take orders. I’ll keep an eye on it and see what else pops up!

Woo freaking Hoo!

Cant’ wait though in truth Babur already delivered through their own service.

Does the Barbur delivery still come from its takeaway off-shoot rather than the restaurant? I remember hearing it wasn’t as good as the main restaurant.

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There are two choices. A regular style Indian (though very good) Indian takeaway. And the restaurant menu which is outstanding IMHO.


I was in the Chandos last night and there were quite a few deliveroo drivers coming and going - still got my pizza within good time though!

One of the ways Deliveroo differs from regular delivery services is that if the restaurant is busy, they don’t take Deliveroo orders. So the core business shouldn’t suffer. And you can pre-order with some so your order gets scheduled into the regular service.

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I’m not sure but the restaurant food we always found better than the takeaway - but that’s also maybe as I collect (as tge restaurant does takeaway but collection only) so it’s not sat around waiting to be delivered I suppose.

That said the last time we did order from the takeaway place it was very good - but again I collected as opposed to having it delivered.

I think both are always good, the restaurant is just often very very good but never had a bad takeaway from the crofton park babur delivery place

The restaurant also delivers and from their full menu. Always good and always arrive hot. Though I wonder if they will still use their only delivery guys. They’re always so friendly.

We’re babysitting for friends tonight in Streatham. So many Deliveroo choices.

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Great news. Fairly limited options from Codrington Hill at the moment but I’m sure it’ll get better soon.

I just tried to create an account but it doesn’t seem to cover Lowther Hill yet. How strange!

You can only create an account when you place an order.

A Deliveroo scooter roars past our house throughout the evening and night. It is obscenely loud and has even woken us up. I don’t know if he’s taken the muffler thing of or what, but it’s ridiculous. Others must have noticed it. We’ve also seen him drive along the pavement outside the house.

So so far, I think Deliveroo being here is an annoyance!

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That does sound annoying. Which road are you on? Are you on the route to and from one of the restaurants on Deliveroo? I suppose you could complain to Deliveroo about it.

We have the same Deliveroo scooter going past our house. I think it is picking up from Babur. It is incredibly loud and goes too fast and he went up along the pavement this evening. We have just reported it to Deliveroo via their website.


Try to get the number plate and report it to the local SNT.

I’m so glad someone has reported that idiotic Deliveroo driver. I have seen him ride on the pavements and tailgate cars at speed on the main high street. I was going to do it myself but couldn’t get his plate number in time