Dentist recommendation



I’ve been getting on fine with Perry Vale - and I’m terrified of the dentist.


I went to one of the two mentioned above about a year ago. Not impressed at all…

They said I needed a filling. I found this odd…

Long story short after getting a second opinion from a private dentist I used to use i found I did not need any fillings- two of them including head of the practice came to the same conclusion. So I saved myself a bit of money and got a nice clean in the process.


I’ve used Half Moon dental centre in Herne Hill for a number of years as a private patient, I don’t think they are the cheapest but I’ve never had a problem with them.
One of my friends uses Townley Road and so did my dad when he was alive, they both never had any issues either.


Hi Rachael

I am biased and can only recommend LDentec in East Dulwich. My husband is the dental technician there and makes the implants (we also work with Townley Dental). We are a private surgery and lab under one roof so it can prove to be more cost effective and a faster service. I hope your daughter has been taken care of but should you need any further help in future please consider us.

Thank you.

We are on google and


I use Bolney Court in Lawrie Park Road, Sydenham. Consistently excellent.