Dentist recommendations

Can anyone recommend a dentist? Doesn’t have to be in forest hill… the ones I’ve looked at don’t look too appealing, but open to having my mind changed.

Don’t be put off by the outside. A great dentist opposite Moon Lane Book Shop. Been using them for a few years. Have NHS spaces.

Perry Vale Dental are great

Yes can also recommend Perry Vale dentists.

It is practically impossible to get an appointment with Perry Vale dental unless it is a private appointment

Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll give Perry Vale a go. I don’t go often enough so I usually don’t mind going private, as I hate waiting more than 6 weeks… :s

I use Dental Beauty on in junction of Townley Road and Lordship Lane. I have been joing for years and they are very good. I am an NHS patient but not sure of they are still taking them.

Recently joined Perry Vale and after two appointments have found them really excellent. I did try joining with “Dental Beauty” when I first moved to the area but couldn’t get an NHS spot.

Ive checked both and none are taking nhs patients. :confused:

I just discovered Dental beauty on Stanstead road at the end of last year.
Dr. Kunal is just so great, really friendly and not at all pushy. Their hygienist Nicola is great too. I am an NHS patient. Highly recommend!


We go to Smiles for you in Crofton Park. As far as I know they are taking NHS patients.


Smiles for you aren’t taking any new patients (nhs or private). They said maybe after the pandemic they will again. I’ve been calling them regularly every since the first lockdown to see if I could get a checkup (as have heard they are a good dentist). But have frustratingly got the same response every time.

I’ve since gone with Crofton park dental, which seems good so far but haven’t had anything major done there yet.

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I would recommend Perry Vale Dental, specifically Dr. Vondee, Dr. Noorali and Dr Steph Smith, all of whom I’ve seen over the last six years and all of whom are great.

Recently, Dr. Vondee and Head Dental Nurse Alex were absolutely brilliant with me when, as a trembling dentophobic 33-yr old woman who’d never before needed dental work, I had to have an emergency tooth extraction. It was over in minutes and they were awesome. Wholeheartedly recommend.

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Has anyone had any joy in registering as new a NHS patient recently? My dentist has deregistered me and I’m struggling to find a dentist in Forest Hill and Sydenham who are taking on new patients. I need work done on a couple of teeth but can’t afford to go private.

Edit: I’ve decided to go private. I’ve always been over anxious about the state of my teeth. It’s worth paying extra.

The new one on Dartmouth road has a discount for new patients. Most nhs dentist seem to have a wait until next year…

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