Designating Duncombe Hill Green a Village Green


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There could be a chance the land is designated a village green based on historic use. To be considered evidence needs to be collected. For example, a Brownie group used to plant daffodil bulbs. Others have taken dogs there. If you or a neighbour or family member have recollections particularly with proof like photos please complete the survey.

Proposed Development on Duncombe Hill Green

Ah - I wondered who was planting bulbs there. The patches of planting are visible in Google Street View. You can see neat mowing avoiding the planted areas:

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The survey originates through the Save Duncombe Hill Green community group which is on Facebook. People can find additional information there.

If you don’t use FB you can also follow them on Twitter @DHGreenSE23 or email them. Or if none of these work for you and you have anything relevant I’m happy to pass stuff along.


Wow. Coming out of winter you forget how pretty this little green space can be. And how effective a small barrier like that decorative low fence is.

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The group where you get blocked for no apparent reason? Think I’ll pass ta.


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Sorry about that.

I was hoping some older images might help with the village green narrative. A bit of planting and the community notice board. I’ll try uploading one image at a time.



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