Devonshire Road Caves?

Meanwhile, the pavement refurb will continue without an effective road closure?

Does anyone know the process that goes through for approving the pavement?
There wasn’t any residents notification, it has massively over run the parking restrictions and the pavement they are putting in doesn’t match the rear of the road (or any nearby).


They are probably having to work more slowly as the Council has not closed the road for them.

Good question: the section they are doing is in the Forest Hill conservation area; did Lewisham’s conservation officers get to approve the small concrete blocks as suitable for the area? They are not the traditional style of London pavement.

Just to be clear, there are two sites. One is the cavity that opened up which we understand Thames Water will deal with in due course.

The second site is the continuing refurbishment of the Devonshire Road pavement. This work is restricting the width of available pavement at a time when all advice is to increase space for pedestrians. This is probably one of two reasons why there was a decision to close the road, the other reason being the safety of the crew doing the works. In case this has not yet been understood by anyone - although there are some notices about a road closure haphazardly placed near the works, there is still no road closure. If Highways Dept or Environmental Health decided the road should be closed, then why has that not been done? If it has been decided that the road does not need closing, then why are there “road closed” notices in the vicinity? The Council cannot have it both ways - either the road should be closed or it shouldn’t.

There seems to be no hesitation about closing pedestrian space

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Because none of Lewisham Council lives on Devonshire. They only close roads where the councillors live (or deputy mayors)

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We’re another week into the pavement refurbishment and still no road closure, despite the road closure notices.

On the very long thread titled Road Closures, Councillor Gibbons writes:

“Covid-19 has not gone away and social distancing remains necessary … we still need to create more space for cyclists and pedestrians. The remit and need remains.”

I couldn’t agree more, so why is there a total disconnect between the Councillor’s avowed policy and his administration’s actions on the ground? On the ground, it’s the same old default position, that it’s of no consequence to block pavements, just as long as the road traffic is kept flowing - at whatever cost to pedestrians and cyclists.

Councillors, if you are serious please can a road closure be a road closure in fact, and not a couple of notices haphazardly placed that every driver ignores.

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The road signs (or lack of) are causing absolute havoc!! There is no diversion sign in place at the Woodcombe crescent junction so cars are going up Devonshire Road. Meanwhile there are diversion signs at the other end, by Ewelme Road junction, positioned in the middle of the road.

People are ignoring these signs as they can see cars from the opposite direction coming up the road so believe these signs to be redundant. This is resulting in cars carrying along Devonshire Road and having to reduce down to single file and back logging the whole road! The council need to sort this out it’s very poorly planned and executed and is just causing a headache for residents with the constant car horns and backed up traffic!


They closed the road to incoming traffic the other morning for the big grab lorry so it could take away the old pavement rubble. Then opened it up after the lorry had gone. So maybe just closing it as and when…
When the road was closed last time for major junction improvements. People still thought they could move it and drive through even though it was heavily sealed off & a large uneven road surface to drive over. Or motorbikes just went on pavement, nearly knocking a child over on a scooter one time.

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Yes, we know it can be done, so why is it not being done to facilitate safety for pedestrians? (This is not a rhetorical question. I would like our councillors to investigate.) The pavements are narrow, and have been reduced by 50% where the pavement refurbishment is taking place. In some places, bins block the pavement further still to single-file only. Pedestrians have to choose between ignoring social distancing or risk walking in the road! The works crew would also have more space if the road was closed.

Hi, does anyone know when Thames Water are starting the works on the sinkhole in Devonshire Road? It’s been over 4 weeks now.

There’s a burst water pipe a little further up and they were busy digging up the road last night. Still fixing that.
Fun and games along Devonshire!

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The pavement guys know the road isn’t closed for them and I have seen them put the signs into the road - the problem is drivers get out of their cars and move them

Once again another day of car horns beeping and profanity flying around by drivers who are ignoring signs and back logging the road. Would be really great if the council hurried the hell up with this sink hole or put a proper diversion in place!

I think that it’s a collapsed sewer rather than a sinkhole, so it’s Thames Water not the Council who are responsible.

Thames Water also for the nearby leak.

The Council appear to be doing the best with some demonstrable progress on the pavement replacement, but it’s still all to play for.

The works continue. It would be safer for the crew doing that work, and for pedestrians, if the road was closed.

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Thames Water have come to inspect the cavity/sinkhole this morning to assess whether or not it’s something that they have to fix.


@nmsharma Seriously it took them 2 weeks to investigate a pit bigger than a Notting Hill studio flat?

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Water leakage outside Drake Court Devonshire Road. Still leaking, Thames water there beginning of the week.

Now another water leakage starting outside 61 Devonshire Road. This will hold the pavement works up on that side of the road.

Perhaps we’ll need boats :rowing_woman: to go along Devonshire Road soon.

Let alone the hole still in the road further down from Drake Court.

Is Thames water just waiting to do a job lot?


I’ve lived on Devonshire Road for ten years and I don’t think there has been a single month when there hasn’t been a leak within 100m of my house. Thames Water do the bare minimum and hope people will stop complaining