Devonshire Road closed at junction with A205

It’s been great, much reduced traffic along Devonshire Road. What would it take to make this permanent?

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It’s been terrible, conversely, at the far end near HOP station!

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Close both ends permanently, the whole grid is residential. Commuters should stay on classified roads.

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Wouldn’t that just make Honor Oak Road and Brockley Rise more unpleasant?

We’re not starting from a neutral point. Some roads have received considerable protection from traffic, and the traffic has been redistributed. The council has destroyed the survey data (if there was any) that was used to make the decisions, and I am trying to ascertain the decision process and criteria that has been used. The council has signed up to and committed to transparency and fairness. I will be holding them to those principles.


Im pretty sure that all roads running between the main roads make a grid or cluster of residential streets.
I am sure if it was made no through road from half way there would be complaints from those cut off from the other side.

I appreciate that it is a nasty rat run, not one I ever use I might add, but plenty of residential streets suffer to, if not with volume of traffic, but its speed.

With a road that provides a direct cut through from one side of the post code to the other, the likelihood of cutting it off would be very slim.

With regards of the redistribution of traffic, I am sure it was to someones detriment, and not just absorbed with no effect. Somewhere, someone loses.

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Honor Oak Road is awful now, traffic (on the weekend!) heading south was backed up almost to Fairlawn during a lot of the day. Can’t imagine what it’ll be like this evening.

probably better without the railway replacement service (but still bad).

Completely agree with the sentiment and have requested variations of this for Devonshire Road on a number of occasions. The equivalent action on the other side of the tracks along Garthorne Road was not an issue seemingly. The standard response from the Highways team is that they keep it open for emergency services access. It is a long road but actually not wide compared to many with parking on both sides too (there used to be pavement parking but am glad that stopped as at least you can push a buggy along now). Problems are exacerbated at both ends (ignoring the short stretch that is South Circular) as it gets narrower still at these points and there have even been a number of accidents due to this but tempers flare, noisily, pretty much every weekday it seems.

The problem, as @anon64893700sn intimated, is trying to find a solution that suits everyone. Would love to hear some ideas!

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This is a good point, and to be fair to you, @DevonishForester, I benefit massively from the road closure of Garthorne so it wasn’t fair for me to challenge your earlier comment.


Does anyone know if any impact assessments were carried out? I mean before full implementation, was there a trial period of the road scheme on the East side of the railway between Forest Hill and Honor Oak Park? Traffic surveys - vehicle counts, views of residents etc - should be done for a trial period to assess impact on the roads directly affected, and routes elsewhere which are likely to be affected which in this case locally would be Devonshire Rd, Woodcombe Crescent, Ewelme Road, Benson Road, and Tyson Road.

I guess that Devonshire Road has been treated as a course of least resistance (politically) as it has been difficult to for residents to organize themselves because each end of the road is in a different ‘village’.

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It would be nice if the south-circular corner shortcut of Devonshire Rd > Woodcombe Crescent > Ewelme Road and vice versa could be reduced, for example. Regarding surveys and the like, when they surveyed and reported on the wishes of that area for parking permits, the suggested that one side of Devonshire Road from the S. Circular to Woodcombe Crescent was made double yellow lines, which would have just sped up the residential shortcut.

Yes, we want a reduction of traffic, not a streamlining of thru traffic. If it is made easier to get through, then more traffic will be drawn in.

I am intrigued as to how you define “commuters” - I live in SE23 and might want to drive along Devonshire Road to get somewhere. Would I be allowed to do so in your notional future?

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All commuter journeys start local…

How about this definition – people making journeys that do not begin or end in Lewisham, but pass through without stopping – e.g. Square Mile to Kent every working day. I reckon Lewisham provides a great deal of road for non-stopping commuters in transit. For reasons I do not yet understand, the Council does not have data on this and apparently no interest in acquiring such data.

I imagine the Council doesn’t see much value in such information as it would be difficult for them to monetise and, at worst, it could highlight an area of traffic management where work needs to be done.

Also, I doubt that they have the spare headcount or expertise to analyse the data, so would need to outsource any related work.

I think that City Hall might be a better bet for this. For instance, you may be able to drill into the data behind this:

I agree that traffic reduction on this planet is something we should all be working towards. However, I feel that Devonish Foresters comments are somewhat selfish and lack any reasonable suggestions that might be of use. Closing off Devonshire road will redirect traffic elsewhere, and is proposterous to be quite honest, what good will this achieve apart from keeping the traffic off of “your” road. Selfish, like I said.

We don’t know where that ‘elsewhere’ might be. It would be very useful if the Traffic Dept would take advantage of the current closure, to find out what alternative routes traffic is currently using. It may be that much of the traffic is not local at all (i.e. not starting or ending a journey in Forest Hill, or even in Lewisham) and might stay on the A2 through New Cross rather than cutting through Forest Hill and Catford.

Are you satisfied that previous Council decisions - which blocked certain roads, prevented thru traffic, No Right Turns, One-Way Systems etc. - were all made on grounds apart from ‘selfish’ reasons? Were Devonshire Road, Woodcombe Crescent, Ewelme Road, Benson Road, Tyson Road considered when Manor Mount was made No Entry from the Western end?

Was Devonshire Road considered when all the No Thru traffic systems were introduced on the East side of the rail tracks between Forest Hill and Honor Oak Park? If not, was this not equally ‘Preposterous’?