Devonshire Road closed at junction with A205



As someone who has to cross Honor Oak Road most days at rush hour, it’s pretty clear that the traffic that would ordinarily be travelling on Devonshire Road whilst it is temporarily closed has migrated to there. I see very long tailbacks at the moment, where usually it is pretty free flowing.


Indeed and it has been dangerous at times. As I cyclist I have been avoiding the area for a while -
coming down the hill into HOP I have seen people doing three point turns or manoeuvring their cars out to get a better view. Fumes have also been pretty bad with the hot weather…


I am questioning the decisions previously take by the council which have clearly benefited some roads and redirected traffic to other roads. I would like to see survey data, transparent criteria for decisions and transparent decision-making processes.

It appears that the records have gone missing, and that the people who have benefited are working hard to make sure things stay that way.


Well at least traffic, even buses, can pass each other on most of Honor Oak Road. Along most of the length of Devonshire, this is not possible, not even for small cars. It is just not suitable for the volume of traffic it normally gets.


Personally I think you’re looking in the wrong direction. The roads over the hill towards SE22 are the ones which seem to me as a layman to be more easily suited (given their width) for more / larger vehicles.

Why doesn’t Wood Vale have a better Junction with the South Circ to allow traffic to join heading east or west? Honor Oak Road is narrow in places and bad at both ends, with the tricky junction outside St Francesca Cabrini and the long wait at the lights by the Esso garage.


Of you want to reduce traffic try to get more kids to school in other ways than cars. During half term and holidays there are very rarely any jams unless there has been a traffic issue or major road closure.


I’ve often thought that the most efficient way to undertake education would be to send the little ones to camps for about 12 years ensuring then of course that the roads will be free of school runs.

I will qualify this by admitting I have no kids.


I really know when it is half term - traffic volumes are much lower


I would say till they have finished an apprenticeship or have a good job following school/Uni. I will qualify this by admitting I have two kids!!!


We’ll need fruit pickers.


Wasnt aware there were large orchards or fruit farms in FH. All of that in just 3 months since I left. Impressive.


Is it possible there is less traffic at half term because people are taking time off to look after their kids? The trains are also quieter, but I rarely see a commuter train full of people taking their offspring to school.


Usually a train full of grandparents taking grandchildren.


I’ve always wondered why, with such small catchment areas for primary schools, the school car rush hour is so bad. I know some people will move further away but it must be a minority.


It came back in some stretches, near the nature reserve (and towards HOP from there), perhaps as a defensive measure against the huge heavy trucks involved in the construction work in Tyson Road.


Presumably because Southwark realized they could redirect thru traffic into Lewsisham.

For very local journeys there might not be much choice. People making longer commutes, however, would probably avoid Forest Hill altogether if the Devonshire Road/A205 junction remained closed permanently. But the truth is that we don’t know, and that is why the Council’s traffic department should be surveying the road usage while the junction is closed. They seem uninterested in data.


I don’t understand who needs to use Devonshire Road / Honor Oak Road as a rat run? In spite of the speed bumps on Devonshire Road, MASSES of people use it every day, as the Devonshire Road closure has caused Honor Oak Road to now be constantly backed up to Fairlawn school (heading towards the South Circular).


That map makes sense if there is no traffic backed up on the South Circular from Forest Hill to well back beyond the Horniman. At peaks times it often is. It does move quite well, but some people are congenitally incapable of sitting in traffic and will always take an alternative route that FEELS quicker because they are moving.

I have a feeling that people who regularly drive south along the South Circular have it firmly fixed in their heads that they must avoid the junction at Forest Hill at all costs. So if you’re coming from Peckham direction, up Forest Hill Road, taking either Woodvale or Honor Oak Road all the way down to the South Circular doesn’t seem to make sense. Psychologically, creeping and crawling down Devonshire Road seems like the correct choice, because you have avoided Forest Hill.

Personally, I’d always sit in a bit of slow moving traffic through FH rather than take that rat run. I don’t have the nerve for it, and I like my wing mirrors attached to my car. And I suspect it’s not much quicker. But in times past, when the sequencing of the lights at FH was much worse (I’m thinking about ten years ago) and there was less traffic on Devonshire in general, it did make sense. Once a rat run is established in driver folk lore, it’s hard to persuade people it’s actually slower than taking the main road.


For Devonshire Road, at least, Google maps would previously direct drivers heading along Honor Oak Road left down Ewelme Road, right down Woodland Mews, right down Devonshire Road and left on the the S. Circular rather than directing them to follow the S. Circular. As the algorithms are aware that Devonshire Road is now closed, it won’t reproduce the directions until the road is re-opened.

The reason that a large number of drivers use the rat runs is because the S. Circular FH junction is so slow and the rat runs are quicker at peak times.


Bearing in mind that I don’t drive to get to work, on the weekend or a weekday off, if I was coming home from Peckham direction to near the fire station on the South Circ, I would sometimes come up the hill past Watson’s General Telegraph, then along Honor Oak Road, down Ewelme and along Devonshire Road, to turn left at the end.

Genuine question - should that be blocked as a route? I’d say that for a car and in terms of pollution, it’s no worse than going along Honor Oak Road to the junction with the South Circ and turning left.

I would avoid Devonshire Road in the morning or evening rush.