Devonshire road flytipping

Anyone know why the end of Devonshire road (the south circular end) is so popular for fly-tippers? Every week there is more and more s*** just being left here. A man in front of me just now just dumped his suitcases there, I didn’t realise what he’d done until he had already walked off down the road.

How do we stop this in the long-term? Can we look at putting a planter here? Am I being naive thinking there’s got to be a solution to stop this?

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Because it’s on the south circular I imagine, but fly tipping is pretty bad everywhere in lewisham from what I’ve seen.

It’s been really bad around honor oak recently, mattresses, floorboards, broken furniture etc on every other street corner. Pls help @Lewisham_Councillors !

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But the guy literally walked it there, turned around and walked back up towards the high street. So it’s not people from outside the area driving here to do it. Not your typical looking fly tipper either. Quite an old man.

You should see how much mess the travellers left on the old gas works site next to Aldi. They only arrived on Tuesday and there’s at least a few shipping containers’ worth.