Devonshire Road - one way

Its great to see Devonshire Road one way (even the reason is Thames Water can’t be bothered to fill in an illegal hole), the problem is I see about 40 cars an hour ignore the road closed signs and drive through (some even run over the bollards and then stare at the metal fence). I guess Lewisham is just waiting for someone to get killed before they do something (not just the weekly knocked off bike or knocking over the dividers)


It’s not one-way, it’s temporarily No Entry from A205 into Devonshire Road.

Interesting to see signs indicating two-way traffic on David’s Road. I haven’t yet seen anyone coming off the A205 into David’s Road against the normal one-way flow.

The lane entering Devonshire Rd. from the A205 is blocked. There is a no entry sign from A205 in to Devonshire Rd. and also a road closed sign higher up Devonshire Rd. heading towards the A205 (no real reason for this). I’ve seen a steady stream of cars entering Devonshire Rd. from A205 and also even a queue of cars on A205 waiting for cars to exit Devonshire Rd. before they pull in.

Last night made for fun viewing. Cars not noticing the bollards and Road Closed signs that they then drove over (many drivers making the mistake) then reversing onto the A205 then going down the wrong side of the street holding the horn to get people out of the way. Would be nice to see how many fines the traffic camera at the station issues this week

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Hi John, do you overlook the junction from where you live? Were you around in summer of 2017 (?) when the junction was entirely closed for two months?

Bloody hell! I don’t even like coming out of that junction going forwards, let alone in reverse!

I’ve often thought it would be a good candidate for a mini-roundabout, or maybe even a box junction. Anything to give the cars coming out of Devonshire road a chance to turn right… turning left not so bad I guess!

I do remember, it was lovely. Less traffic, less noise. The only problem was motorcycles driving down the pavements

The difference this time is that there is one way traffic which means idiots driving through a one way street

A mini roundabout would be awful. Too many lorries for a start.

A box junction would just be the same, everyone would ignore them


Fair comments. I don’t use it all that much (preferring Honor Oak Road), unless Waze tells me to go that way to avoid traffic. I suppose discouraging people from using the road as a cut-through would be better than trying to improve the junction.


Indeed, preferably by closing the junction permanently. There could be a gate for emergency services, and gaps for cycles.

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As it is part of the South Circular, it is maintained and controlled by TFL not the local authority and TFL will likely refuse to do anything to the junction or mark the road around it so any improvement would have to involve Devonshire Road only.

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I’m guessing none in connection with the Devonshire Thames Water works. Is it illegal to ignore an advisory “road closed” notice? If there was a ‘No Entry’ sign would it be an offence to ignore it?

Looks like the David’s Road Two-Way traffic notice has been removed … by residents?

Pretty sure the signs were stolen on Saturday night rather than removed. Doesnt stop people driving the wrong way down the street…

I believe it is an offence to ignore a no right turn sign. (though I’m not sure about here because it isn’t permitted works) It is certainly illegal to pass a barrier on the right if it has a white arrow on a blue background

If there was a ‘No Entry’ sign would it be an offence to ignore it?

Yes, if they do it on purpose then dangerous driving; else if it done by ‘accident’ then driving without due cause and attention. However it is irrelevant if it won’t be actioned.