Devonshire Road shops

There are some interesting pictures of shops on Devonshire Road on this site

especially number 8 and 12 which show number 20 Devonshire Road
at the junction of the A205.


There are some nice old photos here too:


Some of these might be of interest too (though mistly pubs and railway oriented):

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Oh Wow. Some lovely pictures!

The stone masons on corner of Devonshire rd picture 19/20 shows 2 bags on the railings. Any idea what they were for? I can’t workout what it says on them.

Are you referring to these?

I think it says “Painting”, but the shop is called G Pallett so that is also possible.

Of course it was war time so it could be a privative anti blimp technology!

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Yes that’s the one. I didn’t take in the date connection either so that’s another thought when looking at some pics. Thanks :slight_smile: