Devonshire Road - Time to do something about the 'Rat Run"

A few years ago we discussed ways of calming traffic on Devonshire Road. It’s a nightmare for people living at either end.

The past few weeks of lockdown have been a blessing with regards to not having the daily fights, nuisance blasting of car horns, or having our vehicles scratched and scraped by passing traffic.

Lewisham is keen to create a safer environment for people living in the borough, and I feel we should take advantage of this and explore ways of making reducing the flow of traffic along the road.

The suggestions made in the link below are valid, and having canvassed some of my neighbours in the Honor Oak end of Devonshire, I think we should engage the council to see what can be done.

Continuing the discussion from Devonshire Road closed at junction with A205:


This might be useful it’s what councils are using to gather feedback on improvements to local areas.


I drove round the corner from the South Circ on to Devonshire yesterday and it was a mare - the junction gets blocked really easily with cars from the south circ heading up to Honor Oak. It is bad as a cyclist too - i got floored by a car coming out of Devonshire as I was coming down the ramp on the circ they were too anxious to get away and drove right in front of me - busted ribs and smashed wrist!


Sorry about your accident. I avoid that way in or out. A friend calls that end of Devonshire “Panel beaters’ alley”.