Did you pick up dead cat?

A cat was reported as run over and killed by Honor Oak Station. She was ours. She was ginger and white, called Franz and we loved her. We really want her body back so we can give her the send off she deserves. If you picked her up or know someone who did, please let us know. Just knowing would help.

She was microchipped.

Thank you.


@AuntieHelle, so sorry to hear about Franz. I take it you’ve seen this topic by @Billie? Deceased white/ginger cat near Honor Oak Station [Owner identified]

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Yes, thank you. My partner responded to it. I just wanted to start a new thread to find the person who may have moved her. It might have been foxes but I need to try. We really appreciate all help.


@AuntieHelle I’m so sorry to hear about Franz. Have you checked with any local vets or Celia Hammond to see if they picked him up?

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Thank you. Yes. No news anywhere so far.

Such a beautiful cat. Thinking of you. Bx

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Hi Billie, please can you let me know the day and time you saw Franz, just for clarity so I can better track what happened. Thank you.

Hi AuntieHelle. It was Saturday night around 10.30. We’d been at a concert in town. The road was very quiet so we crossed the road early from the station before we got to the zebra crossing. I spotted a beautiful cat lying on the verge but I’m afraid it was clearly dead. I hoped by posting something her owners might be found. As a cat person I’d be beside myself if I didn’t know what had happened to my cats. I’m so sorry she wasn’t there when you went to look for her. She did look very peaceful. Hope this helps a bit. B


Hi Billie, thank you so much. It’s very helpful. We’ve had some kooks contacting us with unpleasant / false stories about both timings and how she looked. I’m so grateful that you got back to me so quickly.

I can’t believe how trolls think or behave. So sorry they are giving you grief when it alll feels bad enough. B


I wish they were Internet trolls. We’ve had actual meandering yet graphic phonecalks :frowning: xx

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That’s awful - I really just don’t understand some people sometimes.

I’m glad @Billie has been able to help you - @Billie thank you for posting in the first place, very community spirited of you.

@AuntieHelle hopefully when things reopen more fully tomorrow you might get more of an update.


Hi AuntieHelle, I’m so sorry to hear that Franz has died, she looked such a lovely cat. Have you enquired in the Station at all? The vets on Stondon Park may be able to help otherwise.