Diocese of Southwark Approves Deforestation of One Tree Hill for Graves



Yes. A National newspaper will be covering this on Sunday. If you care and can turn up please do.


Look how long other took on Millwall and that had massive coverage. I hope it works but don’t feel positive vibes. :unamused:


We’re about to be live on ITV!

I’ll post pics (taken with my proper camera) soon.


In the national news:


Protesters begin to assemble at Camberwell New Cemetery, where deforestation has already begun:


@BlancheCameron interviewed by London Live reporters:

If anyone would like to use these photos, do feel free, but please attribute to @SE23.life. Click them for the higher-res versions.


Good to see that the Telegraph thought this important enough to bring forward publication by a day.


@LewisSchaffer’s earlier video describing the area destined to be stripped of its trees:



More national news coverage:

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The Glade is on One Tree Hill.
If you see them cutting down the bigger trees, please call me ASAP


A Local Assembly member attended the protest (David Kurten), and was very supportive of the cause.

He’s going to ask a live question to the Mayor of London about this, which should be interesting. I hope he’ll be able to post the results here.


It is terrible that trees in Camberwell New Cemetery are under threat. I’ll be asking a question to the Mayor about Camberwell Cemeteries on 22nd March.


Thank you and welcome to SE23.Life.


Excellent, David - from our prior chat, and FYI others - the Assembly meetings are open to the public, so if anyone would like to hear Sadiq Khan’s response first-hand, you can :slight_smile:



Quick question. Other than support, does the London Mayor have any influence on the outcome? Can he intervene in a meaningful way?


He could do if he chose to, cf Garden Bridge. The incumbent and previous mayors seem to prefer to sit this one out. An almighty shame as this is surely a test case for London and nationally.


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Does anyone know what is happening the land right next to the tracks? There has been a lot of work going on here over the last month - hopefully not for more cemetery space…