Disappearing Streets

I am trying to locate the location of a street from 1900, Ventris Road, Has anyone any idea where it was located, it was in the location of Dalmain Road School but I am unsure where.

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Probably not, but it isn’t Vestris Road?


There’s no road with that name in the PO Directory for 1916 (the closest one I can find online that covers this area). Where did you find the road name? Knowing where it comes from makes it a lot easier to track down where it might be!


I can’t see it in a list of changed street names, but the list could be incomplete. As @RJM has said, if you tell us where you saw the reference it would help. @Ruthydoo suggests Vestris and that’s not far from Dalmain.

If you’re looking on a BMD certificate dated 1900 maybe it was mistranscribed? Some of these old handwritten documents are hard to read. You could try checking the 1901 census, either by surname or just look down the entries for Vestris Road and see if that shows what you’re looking for Vestris Road isn’t that long and the enumerator probably went up one side of the street then down the other.

You can PM me if you want a look up.


Rhanks for all the replies. Ruthydoo suggested Vestris. I tried this on a magnified version of a Victorian Dalmain Road School register and it is a very good fit. To fill in the reason for the query. My great grandfather disappeared from a Bermondsey census entry and knowing he was alive at the time searched and found he had registered two of his children in Dalmain Road School with address of Vestris Road, he was then admitted to Guys Hospital. My grandfather shortly after married his daughter and they lived in Dalmain Road and thence Ewart Road. So thanks I now believe I understand how my Grandparents met each other. As a matter of interest my own parents were bombed out of Ewart Road. and then moved to Bellingham.