Dishwasher repair?

Does anyone know someone in Forest Hill they can recommend to mend my dishwasher?

My friend used the spin doctor to repair her washing machine but I think he repairs washing machine too. He was highly recommended by her.

Sorry I meant dishwasher too!

Yes, he does repair dishwashers and has a very good reputation.

+1 for the spin doctor. Diagnosed our borked 5yr old dishwasher quickly (heating element blown and shorting the washer) and was honest enough to admit that the cost of parts and labour to fix it would probably come to more than a new dishwasher.

Rather than fix, I ended up buying a new machine in the sales and benefited from the new warranty :slight_smile:

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There’s and which appear to be different companies

Which one are you recommending?

I had a good experience with DOMEX for a cooker/oven repair. I would go to them for washing machine and dish washer problems.

Second for Domex. They fixed a Bosch washing machine and took time to show me some of the interesting features. Full marks.

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I’ve used Steve Neale the spin doctor a few times and he’s great. This is the link to his website.


That’s the chappie

Another vote for spin doctor.


Spin Doctor we tried to get an appointment but he was quite busy and would take a while.

So we went with someone called Garrett Appliances Limited. They are on which trusted trader with heaps of reviews and they charged a set fee (eg: if they had to come back with parts they didn’t charge for the 2nd visit). Obviously don’t take my word for it and do the research yourself. They are a larger operation hence they can turn it around very quickly. Was very happy with them in the end.

They are also based in the South which is a must for when I look for tradesmen.

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Thanks everyone. Great suggestions. My wife phoned the guy from Spin Doctors and he said it was probably a case of us using the wrong soap powder so he is clearly not on the take!

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You’re using powder?

Ah no my bad. We are using capsules but the problem was the salt kept needed replacing. It turns out the capsules we have

Oops … with the capsules we have you don’t need to add salt

Funny :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Dishwasher repair? lol, it is cheaper to buy a new one…

Welcome to the forum, Max. Thanks for reminding the people looking to repair their dishwasher that it might be cheaper to buy a new one. Even if this was always the case (it isn’t) some people may wish to attempt to prevent the waste and environmental impact of replacing their appliances.