Disorientated(?) tortoiseshell cat

I had a look on here but couldn’t see any posts about a lost tortoiseshell cat (sort of spotty tabby with a lot of ginger and white paws). But my husband was driving along Ackroyd Rd when a very small tortoiseshell cat wandered out in the road right in front of his car and had to be picked up by a passing pedestrian and placed back on the pavement. When my husband stopped it then came up to him and was being very affectionate. It might just be a friendly young cat who isn’t streetwise yet, but thought I’d post in case anyone is missing their cat as it was behaving a bit oddly.

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This is very worrying, I do hope the little fellow makes it home.

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I’ve shared on :twitter: @SE23Cats in case anyone is missing this poor cat and maybe searching.