Disposal of open space land 30-32 Stanstead Road



Left my objection comment too:

'I strongly object to the proposed building project because it will have negative effect on residents from the neighbouring houses - the place will be overcrowded and ‘overbuilt’, it will increase traffic and noise. The residents will loose their little green recreational space. Green spaces have to be encouraged and protected, please see recommendations from the House of Parliament - https://www.google.co.uk/url?q=http://researchbriefings.files.parliament.uk/documents/POST-PN-0538/POST-PN-0538.pdf&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwjg9Yyj7fzXAhURpqQKHRhfAvUQFggLMAA&usg=AOvVaw1YArt8Qx6-e9F8gbVSvBhz

I would like to see trees planted on this little green patch please. Trees produce oxygen for us to breath, people in London need more trees as the city is very polluted. Air pollution causes various cancers and lung problems in people. Using every single green space for building buildings will eventually affect negatively on people’s mental and physical health which consequently result in more pressure on NHS. ’

I hope they register comnents as it shows 0 comments and 0 objections in their summary:


Good comment, Kat :+1:

I noticed that too, and it seemed a bit odd, given there are several strong objections expressed by people here, and surely those people would have submitted an official objection. It certainly shouldn’t show “zero” as I submitted my objection yesterday.

There may, perhaps, be a lag.


Thank you Chris))

I think the portal does not work properly. I remember Lewisham Council has recently had problem with their site - phone numbers missing, customer service got automated, non existing extentions. Could be temporary issues.


Looks like an idesl way to avoid any objections, looking at the Bampton consultation it says only 3 people had concerns not the 86% of residents that signed a petition?
Perhaps it only counts if you use the prescribed form? Something to check on the 14th maybe.


If remember clearly, when we asked if we had to fill-in forms, they said if we wanted to. It was never emphasised that filling in forms were important to register opinions. And if they said that, it would have saved a lot of arguing and shouting, everyone would have taken the form and filled it in to reflect his/her opinion.


Listening to local residents and council tax payers is optional, apparently.

And the planning portal hints that complaints are going into a black hole:

Reminder - the following are material considerations, and all are relevant to this planning application:

  • environmental, social and economic impacts
  • design of proposal
  • views of organisations and individuals
  • access and provision of infrastructure


Its a standard response - I got the same word-for-word reply when I submitted an objection over a different planing application earlier this year (which was ultimatley withdrawn).

I think its auto-generated when your objection is entered into their system, so at least you know its been logged.


Got the same email confirmation today. Logged by the look of it.