Disposing of kitchen bin

We’ve just ordered a new kitchen bin and need to get rid of our current 30l metal kitchen bin as it is broken. Does anyone know what the preferred method for doing this is?

I’ve tried Googling but have gotten nowhere as the results are all about disposing things IN bins rather than disposing a bin itself! How do you properly bin a bin in Lewisham?

If need be, we can take it to a recycling center, but the one we normally use (Bell Green) was shut last we checked.

If it’s a metal bin I imagine it would go in your recycling bin.

Or stick it on the pavement with a For Sale, £20 sign on it. Gone in 60 seconds😁


I got rid of an old one through the bulky waste collection service through the council but had some other bits to get rid of at the same time.

Think it might be a bit pricey just for one bin but worth looking into if you can add a couple more items

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Anything metal I just put outside our house, it’s always gone in a day!

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We just tried this for collection this week, but no luck. Seems they took it out so they could take the rest of our recycling!

We unfortunately don’t have anything else bulky to get rid of, so the collection price is pretty hefty for just a kitchen bin. It’s currently just outside and we’re hoping someone takes it, but otherwise we’re at a bit of a loss for what to do with this thing.

Who knew upgrading your bin would open up such a can of worms?

That is an odd one, its metal and recyclable. Maybe you can stamp on it and put it in the recycling bin for next time. Other for that I am at a bit of a loss for you other than a visit to Landman Recycling Centre.

I’d be surprised if it hangs around outside very long. I’ve noticed in my road that anytime neighbours put something metal out it’s not long before someone stops and picks it up. However we’re on a wide road and a lot of the properties have garden walls so it’s easy for the items to be seen.