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Still yet to register with a GP here- we live just by Forest Hill station, does anyone have any recommendations?

Recommended shops and services in SE23

I’ve just registered with the Jenner Practice, on Brockley Rise.

They didn’t seem too busy when I was there, although they said appointments can only be booked the day before (no walk-in service anymore). There’s online booking, where you can choose a doctor and time slot.

My other half @Liz_Hall has used them before and not had any complaints about the service.

Opening hours:

  • Monday open from 8am until 6.30pm
  • Tuesday open from 8am until 6.30pm
  • Wednesday open from 8am until 6.30pm
  • Thursday open from 8am until 6.30pm
  • Friday open from 8am to 6.30pm


Luckily I didn’t halve to go much at all but I’m registered with The Vale Medical centre and they are a nice practice as far as I can tell.


The catchment areas are very small so you may find you don’t have much choice. Check the NHS website.

I’m at the Vale Medical centre and very happy with it.


I’m with the Jenner too.
A decent practice with some excellent and maybe some less than excellent Doctors. I have had some excellent care there in general.


Forest Hill Group Practice has served our needs well. On the day appointments available if you call early.


My family has been well-served by the Wells Park practice for many years. I may owe my life to Dr Tony Adegoke who recently referred me urgently to King’s for investigation of what turned out (slightly to everyone’s surprise) to be a potentially fatal condition. The main downside is it is often difficult to get non-urgent appointments at a convenient time and with the doctor you prefer. But I guess that’s probably the case with all practices (and if it isn’t now it will be soon.)


Hint for on the day appointments.

I am registered at Vale Medical Centre (good so far) and as with my last GP practice I can book appointments online with Patient Access.

Generally a few same day appointments are released exclusively online at some time between 6 and 7am. I recently had a bad chest infection and at 6:30am there were 3 appts available that afternoon.


I do that too. Cancellations pop up right up until about 9am. I’ve always been able to get a same day appointment by getting on the phone as soon as the lines open. It takes some time redialling and holding, but it’s possible.

Sidenote: I use Twitter to log in on this site and have just been followed on Twitter by ‘DoctorsNearMeUK’. Coincidence? I think not.


Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell, Robin. Hope you are fully recovered.


I have seen a few of the GPs at the Jenner practice and really liked Dr. Sarah Van-Cooten.


Yes, thanks, Rachael. I’ve been given the all-clear and am feeling fine.


Also at the vale and very happy there, always get same day appointment but as it was mentioned before call at 8:30 or go there in person just before 08:30


We’re with the Jenner Practice and been happy with the care received. Dr Van Cooten very good for both of us - recommended![quote=“annie_lloyd, post:1, topic:3243, full:true”]
Still yet to register with a GP here- we live just by Forest Hill station, does anyone have any recommendations?


The Vale are brilliant – lovely staff and never have an issue getting appointments – and they open early and late so very convenient.


Thanks so much for all your comments ideas and suggestions! We registered with The Vale yesterday and it was very easy - would highly recommend! :slight_smile:


Sorry to late to be of use to OP but in case anyone else is looking, I can add my recommendation on the Jenner Practice. I’ve found them to be consistently excellent.


Vale Medical Centre scored high in the user poll recently.

So impressed with them today. I got a call on Friday to make an apppointment today. Called spot on 8:30 when they open, was in a queuing system for four minutes which updates you on where you are in the queue. And even though I started 11th I got an appointment for 9:10 with my favourite GP there.

One thing I love about Vale is they do blood tests onsite. At my last GP I’d have to go join the hoards at Kings or St. Thomas’ whenever I needed blood work done.


My vote goes to Vale Medical Centre. You can choose a doctor there (my favorites are Dr McLeod and Dr Galland… If i spelled correctly) There is a lovey nurse as well, dont remember her name, I am always afraid of taking blood from the vein, she does it without any pain or discomfort and really fast. i will get her surname when the next time i visit. Yes, very good medical practice, definitely recommend.

There was an instance i had to see a nurse and shared with her symptoms irrelevant to my visit, she quickly arranged another tests straight after my visit with her, i was let through without queueing up or waiting. Told me if the results were bad, i would be contacted to arrange the appointment. Luckily it was not anything serious but that shows that staff there are really nice and does care about thier patients.


I hear ya. Usually the nurse is digging around for a vein. All three times I’ve had bloods taken here has been quick, painless and no discomfort.