Dodgy £50 note scammer


For all local businesses there is a man with a london accent, short light coloured hair giving fake Scottish £50s - very chatty, tips & the hands you a fake 50£ for an item that costs £2.50 & is walking away with quite the windfall.

Take extra care


I’m very sure he has an accomplice too, but for the life of me I can’t remember what he looks like. This is when we first opened way back in March and this same guy was flagged by the bank.

I don’t know if the notes have changed since then, but he uses highlighter pen to imitate the silver strips.


It’s so brazen & im so upset about it. Just don’t want anyone else to make the same mistake we did! So keep an eye out for this one! And yea he’s sort of unremarkable so it’s difficult to describe what he looks like… and the fact he TIPPED too!


When someone hands you a fifty don’t you check it? :roll_eyes:


Sorry to hear you’ve been ripped off like this, Sian :frowning:

Do you have an image of this chap from CCTV?


Sorry to hear that Sian xx

He sounds like the guy that done it to me a while back, and he even came back about a month later to try it again - second time I told him I don’t take £50 notes as someone gave me a fake one before & added “and it was you” he left sharpish & I’ve never seen him again!

So do be careful incase he comes back x


We won’t be taking 50s from now on


No im afraid not - I’d regonise him tho


I only take £50 notes from regular customers I know after my experience.

Hope you have a busy weekend to make up for it Sian.

See you soon xx

BTW What time do you open tomorrow, if by 9 I’ll pop down for the best bacon sarnie in FH after I open the library at 9. I can enjoy it at home before I open the shop at 10, hope to see you then xx


We open 9 - thanks Pauline busy weekend to you too! #no50s


See you around 9.20/30 then tomorrow xx


Scottish bank notes aren’t legal tender in England, so you’re well within your rights to refuse them if you are in any doubt about their validity.


A shop is not obliged to take any bank note - legal tender or not. Although it might the impact your profitability a little :wink:


Reminder to local shops:



Hello all,

So, some interesting activity around Perry Vale over the last couple of weeks with 2 attempts to pass off more ‘‘legal tender’’ in store though a younger man this time with a Northern accent. I believe he’s cycling through staff here until he passes off one of his fake Scottish notes. We’re a small team so he’ll have run out of options by now and may move on to other businesses.

We’ll be contacting the police today with a description of the fraudster to make sure they are aware of his activity in store.

Stay safe, stay vigilante Forest Hill traders!

Clapton Craft Forest Hill.


I often have issues using my left over Northern Irish notes after visiting my family. I usually visit twice a year then there will be a ‘flood’ of them around SE London as I try to spend them locally. But now rather than have a discussion with shop keepers about whether it is legal tender and that NI print their own notes like Scotland I now just save the notes for the Sainburys & Tesco self service machines. No questions asked.
Although i will only ever have 10s or 20s :grin:
However basis the above I fully understand why small local companies have to be aware and alert to scams. Also doesn’t help that there are several banks which can be named on the notes so all and all confusing.


I know many outlets (including us) are happy to accept Northern Irish and Scottish notes so your 10s and 20s are welcome here Sgc. It’s fairly common in the city to see the above notes pass through tills and we’ll happily bank them it’s just on this occasion that the note in question was out right fake and missing a lot of the most simple features you’d expect to find. There are competent forgeries and this one was well, not one of them.


Perhaps a slight tangent but under English / Welsh law you’re under no obligation to accept Scottish or NI banknotes here. The only formal “legal tender” (which is a proper legal technical term, meaning the currency which has to be accepted in settlement of a debt) in England / Wales is a Bank of England note. Shops are, of course, welcome and able to accept other forms of sterling but it’s entirely at their discretion.


Possibly continuing the tangent a bit too far - but when entering into a new transaction, a shop keeper under no obligation to accept any form of banknote at all, irrespective of its legal tender status.

This is how shops are able to go cashless and only accept transactions via card or other contactless options (phones etc…) - which is one way of avoiding in getting caught out by scams such as this.