Dodgy £50 note scammer


Aha. The old invitation to treat. Excellent stuff and something I’d quite forgotten.


Hello :wave:

I spoke to someone at and they said this would be the best place to post about an incident we had today that seems quite similar. We had two women come in and use a slight-of-hand/distraction scam centred around getting change from a £50 note for a small purchase. They managed to take some money from us and also stole some of our stock. I know it’s just petty theft but as we are a small, independent family business and just starting out - it does have some effect. We just wanted to let our neighbours know about the incident so they are aware of it and can avoid it!


Francesca @ Lazy Peach Cafe Bar


Ohh noooo! Hope you reported to the Police. What awful people live in this planet! Let s hope Karma hit them badly!

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Yes, we did report to the police - mainly so they are informed of these ongoing scams.


Thank you for the warning- really appreciated. Sorry it happened to you.

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Hi Francesca,

Thank you for the heads up, I wonder if they’re connected somehow or if it’s simply a coincidence? Either or, we’re sorry to hear this happened. It’s not to common (in our experience that is), but regardless, as you mentioned it can be damaging to a small business whether that’s £50 or £5 'cause it’s got to come from somewhere.

We’ll keep the team up to date. Thank you for letting us know - stay safe!

Clapton Craft Forest Hill (Ben)

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50 pound notes in today on our. We didn’t accept it, they get ungry, I told them we are not accepting this notes. We tried to make a picture to them, but not clear at all the picture. If someone reported to police and have a ref number please post it here then we can rapport too. Be aware £££


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Now they’re trying to take money from charity shops.
Probably tried to get £45 change for a £5 purchase.

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