Dodgy character...

Hi neighbours!

I just had a knock on my door on Brockley View, to find a bloke with a shirt reading ‘Premier Property Renovations’ or something similar, who offered to buy my car off me, which was sitting on the driveway. He said it looked like it had been sat there for a while (it hasn’t) and that he was doing some work up the road, but then got in a white van and drove off after I told him no.

Not sure if he was potentially dodgy, but it all seemed very strange! Maybe keep an eye out…


I had the same on Montem Road. A lady came to the door and asked if we were selling our car as her husband noticed we parked it off the driveway…our reason being we already have a car there! Oddly enough we were selling the car but there was no way for her to know this. I told her to come back next week after I’d spoke to my partner but never returned. Def think this is something to be mindful of as it’s likely a distraction for another person to look for weak entry points