Dodgy sponsorship request?

I just had a knock at the door from a mum and son collecting sponsorship for BHF for sponsored jumping at his school. She said he went to Forest Hill Primary and didn’t know what road it was on because he was new. I don’t find any mention of this school when I Google. They also wanted the sponsorship money up front. Was it a scam?

There is no such school as Forest Hill Primary. Forest Hill boys is a secondary so I’d say it’s a scam.


And if he was a new pupil in primary whether starting in reception or older coming from another area you’d surely have checked out which school your child was going to and very likely have taken them there depending on their age.

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This absolutely sounds like a scam to me.

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Definitely a scam - there was a whole group of them trying to collect for the same thing at the Chandos a couple of weeks ago!