Does anyone know what kind of tree this is?

Hi - I saw 2 trees in amongst the grey concrete jungle of Catford today, and they’re extraordinary. They are covered in lilac trumpet shaped flowers…and no, they’re not lilac trees, conker candles, nor wisteria or magnolia, nor anything else I’ve ever seen in this country. My Zimbabwean friend says they ‘might’ be Jacaranda - what do you think?

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That flower definitely confirms that it looks like they could be Jacaranda…but there were hardly any leaves and I couldn’t zoom in close enough to photo what little leafage there was. My Zim friend defo says that if she could see the trees leaves, she’d
be able to confirm. The trees are too tall for me to see the few leaves that are in bloom.

Jacaranda leaves are very distinctive aren’t they?!!!

Paulownia, not Jacaranda, as it would not be able to survive in this cool climate.


I think you’re right, especially as all the pictures I’ve now gone and looked at regarding the Paulownia, show trees blooming with these trumpet flowers with virtually no leaves at the same time - which is what I saw.

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Paulownia tomentosa. Quite a few around London, less conspicuous when they finish flowering.

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Herewith a screen grab from Google maps, June 2008 with the trees in foliage.

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Yes - that’s definitely the group of trees!!!