Does anyone own a recruitment agency or have any contacts

My daughter lost her job today due to corona virus, 20 new employees had to go and she just started in January.

She is a mini me, hard working and a talent in that industry. She is a committed person and works hard and I can vouch for her if anyone can offer her a job in this type of industry.

Please let me know if anyone can help as she has always worked since 16 while at Uni and this is the first time she will be out of work and she has been so upset today which make me too.

Please reply if you can offer any advice.


She has been working as a recruitment consultant, but also has a degree in business management.

Thank you

I can’t help but I’m sending good vibes your way and hers of course.
so sad that this yet another thing for us to be fearful of.


Hi Pauline, recruitment has been hit hard as you can imagine. It will come out in a big way post Corona so tell her there is a longer term future in it. Any business which is supporting infrastructure atm such as supermarkets etc may be a good stop gap for her. Fingers crossed.


I’m just lucky I can look after her financially at the moment, what about peeps that have nothing, that;s worrying xx

Take care all xx

Hi Pauline

The next few months are going to be difficult for anyone seeking employment I think - there will be lots of people out of work, with reduced or no income looking.

Register with recruitment agencies by all means, but try and target those who work in sectors that might be growing or stable. Civil service might also be an area less likely to shed jobs at present.

Or maybe take the time to train \ retrain and get more skills to be in a better position in a few months if and when some \ more hiring commences.

Good luck and I wish I could offer some more helpful advice.

Hope you are well