Dog barking - Sunderland Road / Church Rise

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I live on Sunderland Road and was wondering if anyone else has heard a dog barking almost daily for more than 6 months now. The dog has been barking during the day and night, since December last year and we’ve tried to identify where it’s coming from but no luck so far.

Has anyone else heard the barking. Any clue what house the barking could be coming from?

Concerned that even during lockdown when the owners are presumably at home, that the dog is still barking so often.

We contacted the council many times but they need a specific address to investigate if the dog is in distress or not and to try to resolve the noise issue.

The barking could be coming from a house/garden on Sunderland Road but could also be coming from a back garden on Church Rise.

Appreciate any information



We’re on Sunderland Rd backing Church Rise so hear the barking. Most noticeable in the night. We think it is a Church Rise property. But because noise bounces can’t be sure for sure let alone which house it comes from.

If it could be determined, we’d add our voice to the complaint. We too are concerned for the animal.


Could one of our local drone enthusiasts be drafted in to help locate the dog?

There was another report of this back in Dec '19, and another here in April by @lauren89 who apparently reported it to the council without success.

Poor animal :frowning:


I’m also on Sunderland Rd backing onto Church Rise gardens too, and have heard the barking although it was around the start of lockdown that I really started to notice it. But that could be because it was so much quieter with so few aircraft flying above us and lighter traffic on the South Circular! I can’t identify exactly where the barking is coming from either as it does seem to vary! I haven’t noticed any barking today but my windows aren’t open as much as they have been. Have you been keeping a record of the dates and times it’s been happening. If not it might be an idea. I’ll let you know if the location becomes more identifiable to me.


I’m nearby too. There are three dogs in that area who clearly deserve better owners. I’ve also complained to the council. Honestly I think if the dogs in question would be better off dead.

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They want everything on a plate before they’ll take any interest. It really is extraordinary how poor Lewisham’s Environmental services are; probably the worst in the UK.


What about contacting the RSPCA?


Thanks all for your suggestions.

@GillB, I did not contact them yet but will do now. Thanks


Good idea. I’m sure they will be more sympathetic checking to see that the animal is ok rather than the council who may just focus on the noise issue.


Woolstone Road.
I have been to her house on to many occasions. She is a alcoholic and can normally be seen with a bottle/bottles of wine sprawled around the living area.
She doesn’t care how people feel about this. There was a petition for it but it got thrown out over lock down.
I have tried on 2 occasions to get the council involved but to no avail.

Hi @Marcse23 and welcome to the forum.

I’ve edited your post to remove the precise address of the person, but have left the road name as I don’t believe this should be publicly displayed.

Thank you.

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If it’s animal cruelty try the RSPCA?

This is fair.
I will keep it in mind.


Already tried this. They had said if the animal isn’t in distress and not living outside full time then it’s not cruelty.