Dog found SE26/SE23 area on another community forum

“close to Sydenham woods”

Hope they find their way home :heartbeat:

Would it be possible to repost a description or similar? I just get a link to login :frowning:

I also wouldn’t describe nextdoor as a ‘community forum’ - the US headquartered company made $123m in revenue last year (source: Nextdoor may struggle to keep up with Joneses | Reuters).

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I’m wondering if this is a dog I saw earlier on Upper Kirkdale. He (?) was wearing a blue (possibly assistance dog?) harness. I only saw him from a distance when I happened to be looking out into the street from my bedroom. Do you have a photo or description please? And details of where he is now?

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Looks like , happily, the dog has now been reunited with owner, as reported elsewhere, on yet another forum. Feel free to remove, delete or whatever you want.
So sorry, I was in a hurry to help and forgot about outside links etc. so let me rephrase that … “On the Forest Hill Community part of another site that I find useful, informative and am also a member of”.


I guess I’ll never know if this was the dog I saw and worried about. What’s nice about the .Life websites is that they’re open to all to see (although it’s a bit frustrating that some things do still get moved into out of sight discussions). Gated communities like Next Door and an SE26 group that’s a members only Facebook club are all very well for cliquey and unimportant things, but I wish we could all see when there’s something like a lost dog when I’d have thought getting as much information shared as widely as possible was the most important thing.

Still it’s good to know this dog is safe and I hope he is the one I saw and if not that he’s tucked up safe and well at home too.

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It was this one:

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Yes! That’s him. Thanks so much @oakr. He’s a sensible, well trained dog. My husband was reversing his car off the drive and the dog stopped and waited while he reversed. Dog then toddled on down the hill. I couldn’t see any owner, but then much of my view was obscured by trees and shrubbery. I’ve been feeling bad that I didn’t go out and check if he was on his own.

I’m relieved he’s safe and well and reunited with his owner.