Dog found, Stanstead Road [Reunited with owner]

Hi all,

I’ve just found this very friendly French bulldog wandering around Stansted Road looking a bit lost and scared.

They’re currently curled up sleeping in front of my sofa.

Would very much like to get them back to their obviously worried owner.


If you get no joy, it should be chipped so you could take to any vet tomorrow, or maybe the RSPCA today, and they should be able to contact the owner, assuming contact details are up to date.

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I’ve shared it on FB.

Hi this my friends dog! Just near Vancouver. Please call

Will on 07513431947


Hi James,

I’m Will. Thanks so much. This is our dog winston!! Trying to get in touch with you to get him home


Phew! Just responded on facey as was sure I recognised this dog walking past my flat every day!

Thanks to everyone that helped us find Winston and especially James for rescuing him for us. He looked like he was enjoying his brief stay! BTW, he’s a Boston Terrier and, yes, very friendly. Will be visiting this site on a regular basis from now on.


Very happy you have your dog back @William_Crane and @Mick and well done @BatterOnIt for being such a good person to catch, take back and look after the dog.


Thanks everyone. I’m just glad he’s home. He did find my lap comfy as soon as I sat down on the sofa. You’ve got a sitter if you ever need one!