Dog-friendly restaurants [2019]

Hi guys, any idea of places that would allow a very well-behaved dog on Sunday? Around Forest Hill/Brockley/Honor Oak. Found a thread on here but it was from a few years back so would appreciate any more recent suggestions! Thank you

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The Sylvan Post has dog treats and water bowls. I believe the Signal does as well. I’ve seen dogs in the Dartmouth Arms, though never on the restaurant side.

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I’ve seen dogs in the Signal.

Sfizio were ok when we took a small well behaved dog in over lunch a few Sundays ago.

The Greyhound in Sydenham actively encourages well behaved dogs both inside and outside and often posts pictures of their canine customers on their facebook page.

Can confirm. Free drinks for good boys.


The Brockley Jack allows dogs, but not in the main eating area. There is lots of space to sit & eat in the rest of the pub. :blush:

The Chandos is also pretty dog-friendly if you fancy a Sunday pizza…

Mention for @SignalPub


Bring all ya dogs down!!! :slight_smile:


For somewhere to drink, I saw 3 dogs in new bar Joyce (294 Brockley road)!

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