Dog mess

Does anyone know how to bump dog mess up the council’s priority list?

In a 60 second walk down Gladiator St and onto Honor Oak Park this morning I passed 5 or 6 piles. It’s ludicrous.

Not the most insidious or harmful form of antisocial behaviour, granted, but keeping s*** off the street (cleaning and disincentivising) seems a pretty basic job for the council.

I’ve noticed that the problem in this area seems to be getting worse of late.

However, I think that it’s foxes, rather than dogs, who are the culprits. This year seems to have been a very good one for the fox population in the area around Blythe Hill Fields, and we’re experiencing the disgusting results.

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Sadly, I think I’m becoming an expert. Smaller ones are foxes (and I agree these are on the rise) but others are clearly dogs.

Try fixmystreet? Or call Envirocall 0208 314 7171

Fair play to dog owners who pick up their dog’s shit because I could never bring myself to picking up a warm dog turd. Sooner walk off if no-one had noticed. And no, I don’t keep a dog.