Dog walker recommendations



I’m looking for some recommendations for local dog walkers. Unfortunately due to recent change in my circumstances my miniature schnauzer Archie is getting left for more hours than I’m happy with. I need something to break his day up and need a dog walker who could take him in the middle of the day for an hour, probably 3 times a week. He’s 11 and is good off the lead.

Looking for a dogwalker in the Forest Hill area
Recommended shops and services in SE23

I use Michael Magnet of Woofles in East Dulwich. He has been taking my dog on one-on-one walks since he was a little pup and regulars in our park tell me Michael is really lovely with my dog - so much so they thought at first he must be my other half, which is a great recommendation!


Cheers Rachael, much appreciated. I’ve dropped him an email so fingers crossed he will be available.


Reviving this old thread as I’m on the hunt for a dog walker again. I’m having shoulder surgery soon and won’t be able to walk my dog for about six weeks. Looking for a walker for November and most of December for a daily walk Monday to Friday. I’ve being trying to find someone via Dog Buddy but no luck so far.


Hi Rachael. Leanne White from pukka pooches has been walking our Border Terrier for over 5 years. She is very reliable and flexible and our dog adores her! Her number is 07931 247322.


Thank you, @TimO.