Dog Walking Group?

Hi there,

Are there any dog walking groups around Forest Hill / surrounding areas? You know? The ones where you walk for an hour or two in the morning and then head for a nice pub lunch? If not - anyone interested in being part of one?

I have a three year old Border Collie who loves doing this but like his owner would also like to find like minded people to join them!

This is something we’d be up for, for sure.

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Hi!! That’s a start!! Where do you recommend for walks? Beckenham Place Park was great until all that work started - I found Peckham Rye Park this week which was great!

We’ve only just moved to London so would have no idea. We’ve been to nunhead cemetery and Blythe hill so far. Nice but not ideal for off lead fun due to the roads. Sydenham woods is meant to be good if you’d wanna try there