Dog walking in the morning

Good morning. I’ve just moved to forest hill (near the station). I’ve noticed that all the parks open at 8. Is there anywhere within reasonable walking distance that is open before this time where I could run the dog? Apologies if this has been covered else where. I couldn’t find a thread.


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Hello, and welcome!

The parks open according to when it gets light, so it will be 7:30 to 8am at this time of year, but much earlier in the summer.

I can’t think of an ungated green space very locally on my side of the tracks (Perry Vale side of FH) but if you don’t mind ten minutes drive, Peckham Rye might be an option.

I have heard on the dog-walking grapevine that it’s possible to get into Mayow Park when the gates are closed and that there are plenty of early-morning dog-walkers in there in the dark in the winter, but I haven’t tried it myself!

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Isn’t Sydenham Hill Wood accessible 24/7?

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Ladywell Park, Home Park, Alexandra Park are the closest ones I can think of off the top of my head depending on location. All ungated.

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You’re right. I thought of it but wasn’t sure I’d recommend going there in the dark on winter’s mornings. But it may be perfectly safe - anyone else use it in the ‘off hours’?

@Nop86 - what would you consider ‘reasonable walking distance’?

Blythe Hill Fields.

Baxter Field
Albion Millennium Green
Honor Oak Rec
Waterlink Way


Thank you for all the responses.

I’ll give Baxter Field and the Millenium Garden a look. Should be perfect for her morning wander.

The water link way looks fantastic but probably more of a weekend/ afternoon trip for us which tend to be longer