Dogs of SE23

Hi-diddly-ho neighbours. Can’t quite believe my first post here is going to be a picture of my dog - if you’d told me that a few months ago I would have laughed in your (virtual) face. I’m owned by a nine-month old Cocker spaniel called Henry. True to his breed, he is as mad as a box of frogs but hasn’t a bad bone in his body.

I can recommend the groomers at Pets At Home as well - Henry is super wriggly and they are very patient with him, he always comes out looking good and very happy with all the fuss.


Hey neighbour! Welcome aboard.
Nothing wrong with your first pic being of the lovely Henry. And they say kids are demanding eh :slight_smile:



This is my cavalier Dusty - a little minx and and a menace (only kidding)! Dusty loves gamboling around the honor oak rec ground and can be found chasing after - but never retrieving - her ball. She is 8 months old and will be anybody’s best friend. Say hi if you see us!



Oh, Dusty, you are gorgeous. Henry never brings his ball back either. I see other dogs haring back to their owners to return the ball and I give Henry a hard stare. He’s an embarrassment. :wink:

What a beautiful dog!

Yes she is a cutie - but less cute when she is rolling in fox poo (another favourite hobby) :wink:

Hey @BovillBunny thanks for sharing. Dusty is truly gorgeous. Got to love them when they are young and crazy.

As for the fox poo thing, I too have two dogs who occasionally love a good smearing. Gross!

Welcome to the forum too Sarah.

I’ve heard on the doogy grapevine that you should clean off the fox poo with ketchup. It’s neutralises the smell, apparently. Happy to report Henry has never (yet) done the fox poo roll.

Interesting tip. Only worry is that they both love tomato sauce, so one may eat the other one.

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Suki and I can often be found at Blythe Hill / Ladywell Fields, she’s just about 4 months old now and looking for playful dogs!


Well hello Suki ! What a sweet face.
Happy to have a little get together if time allows. Seems mine are enjoying socialising recently. Although can appear a little over bearing.

PS, welcome to the community @joerobot and Suki

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She’s ridiculous. I still find myself just sitting on the sofa and watching her for entertainment! Feel so lucky to have such a beautiful pup. :dog:

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Welcome @joerobot and the beautiful Suki! Henry (9.5 months) LOVES to play with other dogs but we’re at the wrong end of SE23. At the moment he is sitting at the end of the garden barking at nothing, the big dafty. I’m led to believe that owning a puppy is not the same as owning a dog - here’s hoping! Equal measures of fun and frustration.


Thanks for the welcome! Gotta do the dreaded trip to Post Office Depot (worst thing about moving one road over from SE4 into SE23…) Anything good and dog friendly out that way? :slight_smile:


This is young Douggles enjoying a Bank Holiday brunch at The Signal.


Awww what a cutie

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All those books!

I inherited my father’s large collection of Folio books some twenty years ago and have added four more every year since. Yup, that’s a lot of books.

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Puts our tatty collection of old university text books and Georgette Heyers to shame.

Enough, however. I can sense that the moderators are getting annoyed with this digression.

Showing off the advantage of iPhone portrait mode versus regular photo mode with the thing most impossible to photograph properly - a black dog.