Domestic knife sharpening recommendations

I do not spend an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen, but I have a number of knives and they are ALL in need of sharpening properly

While I can do the odd quick swipe on the sharpening steel they all need proper attention and I’ve never learned to use the sharpening stone properly

Has anyone used a service? Does it cost much?

@thirstforwine More than happy to do one for you. I sharpen my own knives using something called the Lansky System. If you are happy with that I will do the rest for you. The great thing is once they are sharp they are easy to keep that way with a steel or ceramic stone. It will cost you a pint at the meet! :grinning:

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what is that??

more than happy to pay in pints, wine or cash for the service :slight_smile:

Found a video - very interesting. Looks like a fair amount of work

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@thirstforwine I find it very therapeutic in a weird way. Each knife is roughly 10 min.


I use a cheaper & older version of this, purely because I need my knives sharp for cooking.

It makes such a difference to have this easy option when you enjoy cooking & find it therapeutic :slight_smile:


It is certainly impressive looking and, who knows, I might be converted to the Lansky ways :slight_smile:

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Happy to meet and take one knife off you for sharpening. Let me know where and when and I will be there. I am just round from Sainsbury in FH and very close to Capitol, Dartmouth Arms, Sylvan Please etc :grinning:


It was fantastic to meet @Londondrz IRL (in real life) and I am forever indebted to him for introducing me to the Lansky Way.

I believe I am a convert and look forward to many evenings of zen-meditation with sharpening stones in hand working on my knives :slight_smile:



@thirstforwine It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope the rain held off on your return home. Thank you for the very kind gift, there was no need however I will enjoy it enormously tonight.

I looked at that Gif and was very proud until I realised it was not one of your knives :joy:


Wowzers! Sharp enough then eh!
Maybe I need to follow suit! Mine are dulling.

Aaaaah, now I see the news it wasn’t one of the knives, tssk . Are they THAT sharp though?

@anon64893700sn @thirstforwine They are so sharp that we were able to slice through the very fabric of time and space!


Does anyone have recommendations of a local knife sharpening service?

I’ve previously used ‘Knife Sharpening Company’ in SE4 (, but they’re not responding to my emails or voicemails recently.

Knife Sharpening Company no longer offers a domestic service. I found and visited in Brockley. Walk-in, £1.50 per knife and helpful people.