Domestic window cleaner recommendations



Looking for what would appear to be a very rare breed indeed. A reliable person / company willing and able to wash exterior windows of an individual domestic building up to three stories high.

Unfortunately Health & Safety will not allow the use of ladders to the appropriate height. However, it also seems that all those with the right equipment are only interested in commercial contracts, or very large buildings such as apartments.

Sadly, we have some high windows on the front and side of the house that are very hard to reach from the ground, but apparently perfectly suited to target practice for incontinent birds from above.


Anyone have any contacts? This is the area where google searches are useless because of spam / “seo” scams and unreliable operators

Recommended shops and services in SE23

I have a window cleaner who does mine with a pole system. We have a tall house and a pitched roof between the ground and first floor which means the windows are hard to reach. If my cleaner can reach my top windows he MAY be able to do the third storey of yours. He is called Jordan and his number is 07986 783454.


Wonderful, thanks so much


Thanks so much. Now booked :slight_smile:


Hope he can sort you out. Nice guy.


Communities rock at times :slight_smile:

Another happy solution found, and a recommendation on record for future.


Happy to report that Jordan & his wife came around yesterday, earlier than planned because they had an extra opening in the diary.

Great service, lovely people and great value for money considering how much of a pain some of my windows were.

See above for contact details - but hopefully they will eventually join here too.

Thanks for the contact @RachaelDunlop


My pleasure. That unexpected opening was me having them come early to do mine so they could give you more time.


Nice bit of community work there guys and girls



thanks again then


Try Charlie on 07946465294. I have u
Not sed him for a while but he was very good. He has a van with purified water (no limescale) and very long poles. No limescale means no need to dry the windows and no streaking and no ladders.

Sorry about post, phone doesn’t like this site.


We tried a window cleaner that used the purified water system and the windows were terrible after, very streaky. Tried him twice but in the end decided it wasn’t worth the money.


Whatever system my cleaner uses, they don’t need dried afterwards and always dry streak free.


How much did this cost if u don’t mind me asking?


We paid £15 for 9 windows over 3 floors. He was here for about an hour. This was a few years ago.


£30 here for a double fronted semi. 13 sash windows, two sets of French doors, one glass balcony door, plus the glass and skylight on the front door.


Thanks everyone


Just been to do our windows based on your feedback. Very good, good price and both he and his wife are lovely. 5 Stars.


Do any of your recommendations do inside too?


Mine does.