Dominos - Honor Oak Park



Im surprised another Estate Agents hasn’t applied, or better still a betting shop. They seem to spread like wildfire as well. It is sad that the chip shop is going. Does anyone know why? Has he just had enough or have the rent/rates finally got too high.


So I don’t understand these things - can we object on the grounds it was refused before?

I don’t want any more mopeds speeding up and down our roads causing danger.

It will also impact on anyone wanting to sit and enjoy food and drink outside Mama Dough, Hattush and Two Spoons surely?


Presumably the advantage of the fish & chip shop site (over Mamma Dough’s premises) is that Domino’s can reasonably claim that the scooters will be able to stop on the road.

Whether they actually do this or not is another question.


Does anyone know how to go about rejecting? Conscious that the planning documents appeared to be published mid-October, so time could be running out (if it is not already too late)


Just out of interest, why does Dominos warrant so much scorn compared to Mamma Dough or Express Pizza?


Mamma Dough and Express Pizza are local businesses who serve the local area and also happen to have a takeaway option available. Dominos are a pizza delivery operation who tag on a small shopfront and so have a much wider scope. They have tried before to site a delivery hub in Honor Oak (2011?) but the application was refused partly because of the noise and disturbance this would make. I think that objection is still valid but I do like @Michael’s suggestion that, if approved, there should be an electric bike condition. I would like to think any new delivery focussed business should have that condition too.

@HOPcrossbun: to object email and quote the reference DC/17/104077.


I’ve just written to Lewisham Planning dept. After the protests back in 2011/2012 I can’t believe Domino’s are trying again!

Aside from the obvious concerns about mopeds all over the place and the noise and road chaos that will bring, surely the last thing we need in HOP is another pizza joint. We’ve got three already, plus Deliveroo. Sigh.


I have written too


What was the final decision to stop Morrisons on the Forest Hill high street? Was it because of truck delivery issues? Or waste disposal? I know a lot of arguments come out about not wanting a less desirable shop, but I’d say those are irrelevant. It’s better to go after them on parking / waste disposal concerns.


I objected on grounds of

  • moped noise in vicinity of shop affecting businesses, customers as businesses and residents
  • moped traffic / noise affecting residents of surrounding streets which are currently closed to cars
  • there already being 3 pizza takeaway providers within a very small space, 2 almost adjacent


I listed pretty much the same three points. Let’s hope they take some notice.


I’ll send an objection tomorrow too. If anyone else wants to, these are grounds to base your objection on & how to do it:

Worth a tweet / instagram / FB post to Dominos to let them know there’s some here who don’t want them having a shop on our high street…?!


Thanks wattsicle - very helpful.

For ease of reference for anyone else who wants to object, the planning considerations that are considered valid objections by Lewisham council are:

  • Substantial damage to the amenities of residents caused by noise, disturbance, smell, fumes, dust or loss of light, privacy or outlook.
  • Number, size or design of buildings, the materials used and amenity space provision.
  • The visual impact of a development - what it will look like.
  • Traffic and highway safety, the effect on pedestrians and parking issues.
  • Effect on the character of the area, including Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings, loss of trees or other natural features.
  • The existing use of the site or any previous planning permission already granted.
  • The approved policies of the Council.
  • Government advice as set out by Communities and Local Government in Planning Policy Guidance Notes.

Email address is

It says you must give your full name and postal address or else your objection will not be considered.

Reference to quote is DC/17/104077.


The application form says existing use is A5- this is incorrect as the current use class of the unit is A3 approved in 1994 from what I can tell from records for this property on the portal. This is also evident in the fact there is eat-in seating in the chippy. The proposal for a change to A5 removes this completely, representing a loss to the streetscene and vibrancy of the parade (as covered within DMLP policy DM 18).

The back yard is being taken up almost entirely by proposed chiller store - causing this amenity and unit flexibility to be lost forever.

The over concentration of A5 use hot food takeaways that this proposal brings is contrary to Lewisham DMLP policy DM 18.

This application for a new A5 takeaway would be located well-within 400m of a junior school, contrary to national initiatives and Lewisham DMLP policy DM 18.


SUBJECT: OBJECTION TO OPENING OF DOMINO’S PIZZAON 56 HONOR OAK PARK SE23, LONDON(Application Ref No. DC/17/104077)Dear Sir/Madam,We, the residents / shop owners of Honor Oak Park, SE23, London,hereby object to opening of Domino’s Pizza Branch on Honor Oak Park.The reason being, there are already 2 pizza shops on Honor Oak Park.The opening of 3rd will make it more congested in terms of traffic becauseDomino’s is a bigger chain. They may be using 15 motor bikes fordelivery, which will make it extremely congested. Apart from this, theymay be using short cut on Grierson Road, which will prove a traffichazard. It has already been reported that some delivery bikers have beenusing this and causing traffic hazards.We are gathering local support to object this application and we needyour support as well. You are requested to please write to LewishamCouncil on the sending an Email on OR send a letter to SAMUEL JAMESPLANNING SERVICELAURENCE HOUSE1 CATFORD ROAD, LONDONSE6 4 RUBEFORE 24 November, 2017 (Quoting Ref No. DC/17/104077)Your understanding, cooperation and favourable action in this regard willbe highly appreciated.Thanking you in anticipation for your support.NB: Please don’t forget to quote the Ref No. DC/17/104077


Planners can’t rule against there being too many of the same type of food outlet; nor the size of the company.

The planners could possibly (I’m not sure) be able to to make it conditional upon a limited amount of motorbikes but doubt if they could rule against pedal or electric bikes.

Planners can’t rule against guesswork.

I’m being objective to try to help you - so what I’m saying is that you guys need to get together, possibly with Michael, and work on issues that are material Planning considerations.


Any emerging info on why the chip shop is closing ?

Rent hike ? Have they elected to become a franchisee ?Other reason(s) ?

And it should be remembered that whilst very few chip shops engage in food delivery schemes, every sale involves a visit to the premises, a portion of which will be by vehicle. So what is the calculated increase in number of trips if the pizzas get delivered ?

Is it significant ?


Come on- I think we can safely say that very few visitors to that Fish and Chip drive there. The vast majority will be local residents who walk there.

In contrast, I’d say in excess of 90% of dominos orders will generate new vehicle journeys on our high street (i.e. will be deliveries).


My local chippy on Perry Hill is hugely popular - but my estimate would be that 40-50% of its custom arrives by car. Not least because it has excellent fish and chips and people will travel.

Not everywhere is identical - but the numbers may bear examination.

I think your estimated numbers on potential Domino orders are reasonable.


This is wildly speculative.

For example, we often drive to that fish and chip shop now (used to live closer and walk, but it’s too far to get things home quickly enough to eat then while still hot now).

A Dominos takeaway could pick up a lot of walk-in / collecting trade from the surrounding streets off Honor Oak Park.

Net, the streets opposite will have increased traffic - but a lot of this will be pizza which would previously have come from the Dominos in Catford or the one in East Dulwich, surely, and would have been delivered by some means anyway?