Dominos - Honor Oak Park



Does anyone have an update on Domino’s Pizza coming to HOP? I walked past one of the takeaways on Brockley Rise the other day and there were six mopeds parked on the pavement outside. Really hoping that’s not what we’ll be in for if Domino’s gets the go-ahead. :neutral_face:


You can object to this happening, see post quite a way above this! I & I think quite a few others have already :blush:


Thank you! I have already objected to Lewisham. Just wondered if there was any further news on it all?


Not as far as I know. :blush:


Sadly no news as yet. I think it would be a disaster for the parade. We successfully ran a campaign batted them off in 2011. There has been a hell of a lot of resistance again for some of the same reasons. Due to the fact so many people put in an objection, there should be a hearing that objectors would be invited to so concerns can be raised. I have yet to receive anything in the post - anyone else?


I’ve not heard anything following my opposition


Why do you think it would be a “disaster”? I understood opposition to the Old Bank becoming a Dominos (loss of a proper sit-down restaurant, first thing you see coming out of the station) but switching a mid-parade hot food (mainly) takeaway into a Dominos which will be bright and clean and generally open as another decent anchor on the parade just doesn’t seem like such a bad thing to me. There are still enough independents to preserve the distinctive character of the parade and it’s a different sort of thing to the existing pizza offerings.


What’s different/better about it to the other three pizza places within five minutes? A thai/vietnamese/mexican/anything else would be different and much more welcome IMO.


I have no problem at all with a decent business being an anchor on the parade even if is a take away business. The fish and chip shop has served the community very well over the years. As a local resident what I do object to is a national pizza chain who’s primary business will be a delivery hub for the wider area. This means a number of delivery bikes not only outside on the pavement and on the street, but they will also wizz up and down our streets as a rat run. This already happens regularly with deliveroo drivers. There has been many objections on this basis.


I can’t for the life of me understand how Dominos offers a “different sort of thing”… Perhaps you havent visited the parade in the past five years - Express Pizza already offer a decent and inexpensive pizza and delivery service. For those that prefer it, sourdough pizza is available from both Mamma Dough and the Chandos.


Wow, some of you really don’t like Dominos! Hope they get the green light, would be a welcome addition in my eyes.


You are totally missing the point - I have nothing against Dominos in particular, I have certainly enjoyed stuffing my face with their product in the past, but I think we are already very well covered for pizza at various price points in Honor Oak Park, and for the sake of greater variety on the parade and the vast improvement in ambiance made in recent years, I would prefer an alternative. I also would not welcome the associated increase in moped deliveries in the area.


But isn’t that up to them to test the water in the area?
You are missing my point, I prefer it over the others, person taste, and would like to have one locally.

I’m sure others have different opinions, but thought I would say something positive, and this thread seems very anti Dominos.

As for the mopeds, a sign of modern day lazy people, blame society, not a business offering a service.

All just seems a bit snobby the way people are going on.


Let’s keep this conversation friendly and let everyone express their opinion, whatever that may be.


Sorry mate, just saying it how it seemed. Seems its not good enough for the area.

Beats another coffee shop surely.


The way I see it, if it provides a service, has demand for its service and provides jobs, in this day, that’s all that matters. Better than an empty shop.


And don’t forget, more jobs for the local community than the current business provides.


There’s no barrier to currently ordering Dominos in HOP. There is already one in Catford and the pizzas get here in no time. This additional Dominos in HOP therefore doesn’t add anything to the Dominos offering already provided to locals. It will just cause a nuisance with a load of bikes and groups of delivery drivers lurking around. That’s fine on any generic main road, but it would be nice to continue the creation of a village atmosphere in HOP, something I think a Dominos risks ruining…


Maybe I want to walk around the corner and pick it up myself. Not everyone wants delivery from those pesky mopeds.

I dont get what is so special and precious about the road. Sure its got some lovely shops on it, but it’s a retail road, not an elite mews.


Hear hear.

What happened to the high street since I moved here in 2013 is nothing short of transformational. Independent shops and eateries. Unique places with personality, offering things you can’t get elsewhere, and who get involved in wider community matters. Shop owners who build relationships with local residents. Long may that continue.

Perhaps it is “elitist” to enjoy living in a villagey atmosphere, or to want to nurture it? I care not a jot, either way.