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Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but in recent years the high street has become a place people want to go out to and enjoy, particularly in the warmer months when you can sit outside on the pavement. Mamma Dough, Two Spoons, Hatoush, and now the Clumsy Mole and Ground & Grapes too all offering a great service. Having a frequent and increased flow of moped riders delivering pretty much exactly the same product as what is already on offer will be detrimental to the pleasant atmosphere these combined businesses now offer the community.

Sorry Chris, just seen you have made a similar, better phrased point…!


Village? It’s a main road with a busy train station, heavy traffic and a sainsburys. Not what I would call a village.

Great to see lots of independent businesses, but all our wants are not the same.


One thing I learnt in the 16 years I lived in FH was that no one could agree on what they wanted on their “high Street” and that extended to all the local areas. As the saying says, “you cant please all of the people all of the time”.


I was opposed to the previous Dominos, due to it’s location. I’d eaten in the ‘Old Bank’ before, and for me that place should have continued as a restaurant, and I’m glad it now does.

With the current application, I don’t feel particularly strongly either way. I think I read they would use electric bikes, so much quieter I assume.

I understand @anon30031319’s perspective of it offering something different. I only really like Chandos and Querce pizzas of the current HOP offerings, and Querce is not every night (and not sure if they do takeway). I’ve used Dominos in Catford previously but find they take an age to arrive, unlike the poster further up the thread.

My gut feel is this won’t fundamentally harm the high street, and I can’t really see it being rejected but who knows.


First, I’m not invested in the outcome as I’m a Forest Hillbilly.

But I had a couple of observations. First, Domino’s operates a franchise model so your local Domino’s is likely to be a local entrepreneur building their local success on the back of an internationally recognised brand.

From a community engagement perspective Domino’s and their franchisees operate a corporate responsibility program which includes community engagement in addition to food and environmental standard and employee development.

And if the street scape is important, I’d be more comfortable with a well-thought out exterior and interior rather than the ragged appearance of a shop like the one I’ve shown at the bottom. Particularly one which has scored a 2 on the food hygiene rating system. Though I’ll point out that it was scores associated to cleanliness and condition of the building as opposed to hygienic food handling and food safety.

And I do believe there is a bit of snobbery involved in opinions expressed here. I wonder if there would be a similar outcry for the Sainsburys Local or Honor Oak Supermarket if there was as Little Waitrose or an M&S Simply Food planning to open in that location.




Nicely put Starman.


Agree with you on Express Pizza. If Domino’s was replacing it, I’d be more in favour of the development.

I don’t mind having a Sainsbury HOP, Sainsbury FH and Sainsbury Bell Green as my local supermarket options, but there isn’t an M&S or Waitrose for miles - and so there’s a genuinely under-served market here for premium food and groceries.

Both Waitrose and M&S would be attractive shopfronts serving and employing residents mainly in the immediate local area (unlike a Domino’s delivery hub, which would serve a far larger area).

Neither of these premium supermarkets would cause the same pavement clutter, moped traffic and noise that Domino’s would.

Perhaps it is “snobbery” to enjoy premium supermarkets? Again, I care not a jot what negative terms others want to apply to my shopping preferences.


Interesting that this local entrepreneur hasn’t had a quick google, found this conversation, and got involved? Other local shop keepers have, and have benefited from it.


I think that was only me suggesting that they consider it as a planning condition. I’m not aware of this being included in the planning application.


Personally I make my own organic artisan sourdough pizza with organic home grown tomato paste from the finest Italian San Marzano plants. :wink:


But then the posh locals would be cluttering up the pavements and parking bays in their posh cars popping into Waitrose for Sumatran Servile Cat coffee and such like. :grin:


*civet cat coffee

Quite a “tang” to it.

Anyway, let’s get back to Domino’s as a topic


Eh? Did I miss Express Pizza’s contributions on the matter? Could you point where the other pizza producers - some who are on have waded into this debate?

I guess its a matter of taste but I think that the new Dominos corporate design is very attractive and I’d have to presume they’d be hiring from a local work force as well. If attractive shopfronts and local employment is a major concern, I’m really keen on the new shop branding for Cost Cutter.


I hear you. I’d love to have a Waitrose or a M&S locally though personally, I’d be inclined to only use them sporadically. I much prefer to buy my premium food and groceries from local independents if available rather than national food chains. However, something tells me if either M&S or Waitrose felt there was a sufficient market for them, they would already be here. It took M&S long enough to open in East Dulwich.

I take your (and others) specific point on increased moped traffic. I hope Lewisham planners are looking at this too. Then again, if @Michael’s post becomes true then noise may not be as much as concern.

On a serious note I had thought that could be a problem too.


I don’t get it. Its a high street. Shops, people coming and going, and people trying to make a living. So what if its another pizza shop. Maybe lots of people in the area want it and disagree with the few on here who think it’s not good enough for their village!

That old bank would have been a bad choice, too nice for something like that, but this shop they want to use. Big deal.

Not sure why people are getting so uptight about it. Why doesn’t one of you open a more appropriate shop if you know better?


Maybe the area isn’t as good or attractive as some would like to believe.


I didn’t claim Express Pizza had been on the forum.

Local shop owners like Luca from Two Spoons, Jason from The Clumsy Mole, and Latoyah from G&G have all joined us here.

This debate is about Dominos. If it were a local entrepreneur about to start this franchise, you’d think they might have googled “Dominos Honor Oak” or “Dominos SE23” at some point. Those searches would bring them right here.


Just a thought though. If Domino’s (or other shops) are solely reliant on deliveries, I would think a location other than a high street would be more suitable for the company.

Like the stretch on Stanstead Road or the industrial estate off Malham Road.

On a completely dissociated topic, I recently saw really old pictures of that stretch of Stanstead Road and was amazed to see that it was once a thriving parade of shops with lots of people walking the pavement.


Maybe they have, had a look, and took it on board, or just decided not to engage with such a negative audience. Forums aren’t for everyone.


A sensible entrepreneur would put personal feelings aside and engage with local people and their opinions on the business idea, whether or not those opinions are the ones (s)he wanted to hear.


In your opinion… Not everyone thinks the same way. Maybe a small group of people on a forum saying negative things are the wrong group to engage with.

What would your message be to them if they are looking on and just not signing up to this place? Other than you are not welcome?