Dominos - Honor Oak Park



@starman’s comment above is constructive.


From experience, a lot of branches of Dominos have quite a few walk ins too. Passing trade from station for example, like the one on Dog Kennel Hill. Mad busy, and employs quite a few people too.

Anyway, I for one hope it gets the OK.


Sure. Which is why this probably isn’t the right solution for Domino’s on this occasion. But if there was a business which opened solely for delivery purposes then I’d hope they’d look at this option. There used to be a great service which offered a variety of menus, delivery only which did the same.


Fair play, cheers for clearing that up. I would agree.

Which part?


I thought it was the fish & chip shop owner who was trying to open the dominoes franchise? Anyway, rather than arguing the pros and cons of dominoes I would like to lament the loss of chip shop chips in HOP. My drunk food of choice.


Chippies never open late enough for a post town grub fix, although Wilson’s still open on Brockley Rise if you need some chips after a few jars.

Luckily Morley’s always open late and always the perfect option.

The pro of having a walk in Dominos is that there are always a load of collection only deals that are a lot sweeter than the delivery ones. Having lived pretty much next to the Dominos In Kennington/Elephant & Castle I can say there are mopeds parked outside a lot of the time but rarely more than a couple. I never really noticed it but it was on far less of a high street set up than HOP. I could see it being more obtrusive here.


As I understood it from a conversation my husband had with the fish & chip shop owner, he was going to ‘add’ Doninos to his shop, enhancing his choice of food available.? I agree we gave enough pizzas places already.


Everyone seems to have missed the point that if Dominoes does not attract enough business it will close. Given the level of animosity to the opening and the supposed provision of superior pizza/takeaway availability, surely the result will be failure?


Exactly mate, spot on. Let them try, let that be the test. If it works, it’s wanted, if it fails, point proven.

Rather than stamping all over a new business venture because they use mopeds, and you don’t like their pizza.


Dominos will be a delivery hub serving an area beyond the local community (a local area which is well served by Mamma Dough, Express Pizza, Chandos, Le Querce etc).

So even if not a single Honor Oaker uses the new Dominos, they will probably remain in business. And as a multi-national company (as opposed to a small independent business), Dominos Pizza Group can afford to run loss-leader restaurants. What their model relies on is coverage, and out-competing Papa John et al on delivery times. Among other benefits to their business, the huge signage of a HOP store would advertise their brand to passing traffic, whether or not local people use the restaurant.

I don’t begrudge them for their corporate strategy, or for being a multi-national. I’m just sad to see an identikit chain taking the space that could have been a unique independent shop adding commercial diversity to the high street, like all the other recent arrivals have done. For a high street to become a “destination” it has to offer a selection of unique venues.

But as Dominos say on their own website, they have a “relentless focus on growth.” This branch, or another nearby, is a near inevitability.


Define local?
With one in Catford, one in Dulwich, Penge, Crystal Palace etc, I don’t think they are going to be delivering as far and wide as you might think.

I am sure if there were someone planning on opening one of these unique independent businesses, they would have tried. Have you ever thought that there is no such business or entrepreneur on the horizon right now? Would it be better to just have an empty building and 10 more unemployed people?

With all this talk of a destination and venues, maybe it’s time to add Honor Oak to Trip Advisor?

What about the rest of Forest Hill and SE23, do their needs not count or is it just Honor Oakers as you call them?


I would quite like to see a Dominos there actually… I don’t think there are any pizza bases or deals quite like it around the area and, as been said before, those aren’t always delivery deals.

The moped issue, I don’t think I have enough facts of their actual intentions here to comment.

I hear all the points about non chains and unique local establishments etc, and to some extent agree but I also think chains get a bad rep too often just for their ubiquity. I think you need a mix, and Dominos are consitently good in my experience, like Costa (which I wouldn’t mind seeing in the area as it goes!) and not all unique establishments can boast the same I find, or at least it takes a while to get there. (Sung to the tune of Cheers)… Sometimes you wanna go, where all your pizzas taste the same …

I’ll get my coat.


PS Dominos run a franchise business mainly, so this is more than likely the case here. Not sure they will financially support a loss leading franchisee.
Their business also relies on unique products too, and I would say a lot of their menu is pretty different to the local places you mention, and probably differently priced too.

I get it, people don’t want a Dominos on their pretty main road row of shops.


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I live nearby and walk down Honor Oak Park every day, twice a day. I love most of the shops and restaurants on the street and I like that traffic is kept to a minimum, with multiple zebra crossings on the street keeping the street reasonably quiet and nice on Summer evenings. I’m against Dominos opening a shop there.

I have nothing against their business model or pizzas but I think there are plenty of other places around HOP that would work much better for them and the community. For example on Brockley Rise, between the Chandos or the Honor Oak pub, or on the other side of the railroad, on Forest Hill Road, near the General Watson Telegraph pub.


I understand people not wanting their nice little village model spoiled, however, when wishing Dominos would just go and sling their 'ook just down the road, I believe that one should also consider the people living above, adjacent and around the locations you’d like to see blighted instead of one’s own back yard.


Brockley Rise would be actually be much closer to where I live than the currently discussed location. But the small shopping parade near the Chandos is not really a residential area, and Brockley Rise itself is a fairly busy road. There is a kebab shop, a fish and chip shop, an Asian restaurant and ‘Pizza Express’, which does local deliveries. Across the road is a Morley’s. Further down is a large school, some cafes and the Honor Oak pub. So I don’t believe it would be out of place to imagine Dominos there.

Also, I didn’t say that the one street leading to/ from HOP station was a village. I don’t think it’s a village at all, but it is a nice place with limited traffic and I like it as it is.


Well I totally misread that didn’t I!
Very fair comment well put.


I tell you what would be great in that spot for a bit of variety - a fish and chip shop.