Dominos - Honor Oak Park



What’s the best thing to order from Domino’s? All this Domino’s talk is making me hungry


Large meateor please




Was there a form to sign or online petition? Seems more like a notice.

Doesn’t seem the petitioner understands the planning application or the purpose of the meeting. The petitioner (and any supporters) would be best to conserve their energy and petition Dominos on the issue.


Amongst all the angst about Dominoes is the sad loss of a great little chippie. This place is as good and infinitely more friendly and better value than the one at the other end of forest hill road, which I guess is now the nearest?

The lady who worked there always popped a cheeky couple of chips to the kids while serving us and they had a great mural and some great old pics of the parade - which he’s selling off incidentally.

This is his last week. He said he’ll close on Friday once he’s sold his last fish. Will be missed.


Gutted!!! Best chippy for miles…


It will be missed, but he said when I asked that he wanted to sell, said that he had had his time there, so all we can do is wish him good luck for the future.


Brockley’s Rock? Is better than Brockley’s Rock?!


Definitely not


Best chippy for meters…


I’m going to have to try Brockley Rock, been on my to do list for too long :grimacing: