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That is good news. If only the Dominos manager had got involved with the local community and stated they would use electric bikes, a lot of local fear could have been averted. But how many MacDonalds/Costa/Dominos franchisees have an authentic connection with the local community? In practice it just doesn’t happen.


About two months ago when I babysat for a friend. It was late, and Dominos was the only restaurant nearby that was open for takeaway.

The pizza base tasted oily and unnatural in the same way that Subway’s bread tastes unnatural. No doubt full of high-yield, cheap ingredients. Toppings were low-grade, over-sweetened, and made me feel slightly sick after eating half the pizza. It’s like theme park food, in my opinion. Engineered to deliver the maximum salt, sugar and calorie hit.

Note: the above post is re-phrased. My original was provocative and I apologise to any Dominos customers that were offended.


I quite like a Dominos pizza & they can be hit or miss to quality & taste. I’ve been looking forward to an even closer chain for delivery. Although Bona SE23 definitely comes up as a favourite for our Son when we have a pizza.
Think the electric bikes are great for environment too!
My fav is a meat feast, remember having my 1st Dominos years ago & thought it was very tasty. But then also loved a Papa Johns on a late night at Butlins too.


I love a thin pizza straight from the oven; it never seems quite as good when it’s delivered and is 10 minutes out. We have a Franco Manca two minutes walk from the office and even their beautiful bases don’t survive the trip back to the work breakout area well. I’ve resigned myself to either eating out in a pizzaria or baking my own :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey all, there’s a lovely chippy called Wilson a mere stone’s throw away on Brockley Rise (NB: I am not advocating the actual throwing of stones). I think the most baffling thing about Domino’s is why they need a shopfront at all - surely everyone orders online or via the app? They could just continue to dominate the online landscape and have a hidden kitchen in a retail unit somewhere. But no matter, they can do what they want, I’m just going to continue turning my face away as I walk by. A small victory, sure, but at least they’re not a blight on my high street if I can’t see them.


I wonder if this had anything to do with concerns from the local community or whether they were always going to use electric mopeds?
I think this will make a big difference for residents who were worried about the noise of mopeds from a dominos hub in the area.


From a quick online skim, it looks like they started trialing the scooters in summer 2017, so it may be they’ve taken a policy decision to roll them out in all new stores. Interestingly the article I read - and the photo above -
indicates they are restricted to 15mph, so you don’t need a special licence to ride one.


Great question and true it will help allay some concerns. We don’t know yet whether their whole local fleet is electric but let’s see. Am suspecting that one reason behind this is that they can go anywhere that a bicycle can, including through motor vehicle prohibited junctions?

I asked this question. According to the Dominos rep who came to the planning meeting, they anticipate c. 30% of orders direct from the shop.


Yesterday I saw 2 electric bikes but also a standard moped with a Dominos box on it outside. Am guessing it might have some from Catford or one of the other stores around. Be interesting to see if they rat run down the side streets, but if the electric bikes are allowed to go through then so be it, hopefully they don’t cause any problems.


I have seen an electric delivery bike (not Domino’s I believe) going through Ladywell Fields the other day.

If it promotes deliveries over shorter distances - why not? They’re quiet, not as fast and especially non-polluting, so I can’t see any issues as long as the drivers behave. Would be great to see more of those replacing normal scooters.


What I’d really like to know it’s whats happening to the guy that used to run the fish and chip shop. He said he was starting another business, does anyone know where and what?


Oh dear, looks like our fears were warranted after all:


Was always going to happen…just waiting for them to start rat running. You can see one electric bike in this shot on the pavement. There were 2 of them on the pavement yesterady. Do they have a licence to park on the pavement I wonder?


Sainsbury’s treat the pavement as their storeroom and Lewisham council allow that so I suspect there’s nothing to stop them.


If my understanding up-thread is correct then these electric bikes can go anywhere a push bike can - can anyone in the know confirm this? It is still a concern if they are riding the pavement from the zebra crossing (which has been witnessed as I understand it).

Have raised a case with Dominos re the mopeds as they did say they ‘would look into using electric bikes’. They have referred this on to the franchisee to deal with which speaks volumes about the direction of travel on this. Will advise when we hear anything back.


Lewisham council should not be allowing this as there were conditions on this in the planning application IIRC (this has been referred to on another thread). Try raising as a case with FixMyStreet and see what happens?


Depends if they are classified as ebikes or electric mopeds. The latter have all the legal requirements of a petrol moped but ebikes are limited to 15.5mph (assisted) and 250 watt motors.
There are a few places you can go on a bike but not a moped but not many and none of them should be ridden on the pavement.


Ok, these are ebikes.


Help me please.

I saw a Dominos delivery bike passing Brockley Rise. The rider was peddling furiously up the incline there.

Does this make it an ebike or an electric moped ?


Probably an ebike which are pedal assist. Electric scooters are normally throttle driven with no pedals…